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halloween - Newest pictures


I woke up suddenly in bed. I had set my alarm clock for 6:30 a.m. but did not get up when it had alarmed. I had knocked it off the bedside table, trying to turn it off and snuggled back under the covers for a few more minutes of sleep. Those few minutes of sleep had turned into almost a whole hour. That meant one thing. I was going to be LATE for work. I jumped out of bed, making a mad dash for the shower. I was showered, dressed and through my apartment door- with breakfast in hand; a jug of milk and a Mars bar- in ten minutes flat.
“Girl, you barely made it,” said my best friend and workmate Carol, “five more minutes and you would have been busted. Mr. King just went into his office.”
“Thanks for letting me know.” I replied.
“You had me worried when I got to work and you hadn’t arrived as yet.”
“I overslept. Last night was just pretty hectic.”
“I don’t know how you could work during the day and then attend classes at night,” Carol stated, “If it was me something would just have to go.”
“You don’t have to tell me, I just know how you love to work” I replied sarcastically.
“Yeah, yeah, enough of that. I know what you need. How about going to the company’s Halloween party this weekend?”
For the past two years Carol has been trying to get me to attend the company’s annual Halloween party, which I always refused, making up some excuse or the other. In between work and classes I hardly had time to go out. Deciding I needed a break I readily accepted Carol’s offer.
“Looks like you got company this year.” I replied.
“Wow, you look stunning” Carol said as I exited my apartment “You do make a lovely Cinderella.”
“Thanks. I like your Tinkerbell costume.” I replied
“I bet you’ll find your Prince Charming among all those ghouls and goblins”
“Very funny Carol”
“Guess who’s going to be standing out tonight?” Carol asked rhetorically.
Wanting to be unusual, Carol decided that we should go as Cinderella and Tinkerbell instead of going as witches as I had suggested. Being the good friend that I am I agreed to her plan, since she agreed to go to one of my monthly Book Club Meetings as a compromise. I have been trying to get her to attend one of my meetings, with no success, since I started the club back in June.
It would usually take half an hour to drive from my apartment to JKR Graphics Firm. Since Carol was the one driving, we arrived at the party in 20 minutes, considering we were pulled over twice for speeding. Who in their right mind would give her a licence?
“I’ll go get us some drinks” Carol suggested as we made our way into the party.
“I’ll go find us a table”
“I think I am going to get my groove thing on” Carol said as she pulled me out of the chair and onto the dance floor, while grabbing hold of a Frankenstein and a wizard.
“Cute costume.” the wizard said “It’s unusual to find a Cinderella at a Halloween party.”
“Well Tinkerbell, over there with Frankenstein decided we should be a bit unusual this year.” I replied.
“Well I can say you both have pulled it off. My name’s Brian by the way”
“I’m Lucy,” I replied. “Sorry about Tinkerbell just grabbing you like that and forcing you to dance with me”
“It’s not a problem. You and Tinkerbell seem to be real nice people and plus we’re here to have fun.”
Carol and I spent the night hanging out with Brian, since Frankenstein apparently left her hanging for a “werewolf”.
“I must say I am quite pleased to have had the opportunity to be in the company of two beautiful and wonderful women” Brian said with a bow as we said our goodbyes.
“You do know how to flatter a lady” Carol said in between giggles.
“Was nice meeting you Brian,” I replied as I rolled my eyes at Carol.
“How about having lunch with me this following Monday?” Brian suggested. “I would be quite honoured if you would both agree”
I looked at Carol for an answer and she winked at me. “We would both love to” I replied
That was two years ago. Carol and I agreeing to have lunch with Brian was the start of a great friendship. We are all well known at the Firm as the “Three Musketeers”, since we are inseparable. We have dinner every weekend at Carol’s or Brian’s home. As for my Book Club Meetings, I still have them every month and I am still waiting on a certain someone to attend. Apparently Carol had said she would attend one of them but she never said “when”. As for me attending classes at night, I must say, the hard work has finally paid off. I will be graduating this summer and I bet you know who will be there.

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