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[::My fav songs::]

These are some of my favourite songs wich im jst gonna put up here for the fun of it... Let me know if u've got the same taste as me

[::When im g0ne::]

when im g0ne jst carry on dnt moan rejoyce everytime u hear the sound of my voice jst know that im looking down on u smiling i didnt feel a thing so baby dnt feel no pain jst smile back
I dont think u understand... That what ur doing is not so cool... U think its funny 2 mess with my mind... Dont u? U know i like u so u just teaze me... U give me jst enough... 2 hang on enough... When ur jst wasting my time...

Im jst a kid and life is a nightmare... Im jst a kid i know that its not fair... Nobody cares coz im alone in the world and having more fun the me... 2night [simple plan- im jst a kid]

U shud let me love u let me b the one 2 giv u everything u want and need... That good life and protection make me ur selection... Show u the way loves suppose 2 b... Baby u shud let me love u [mario- let me love u]

Here i am once again im torn into pieces... Cant denie it cant blieve... Jst thought u were the one... Broken up deep inside but u wont get 2 see the tears ive cried... Behind these hazel eyes [kelly clarkson- behind these hazel eyes]

I tried 2 go on like i never knew u... Im awake but my world is half asleep... I pray 4 this heart 2 b unbroken... Coz without u all im going 2 b is... INCOMPLETE [backstreet boys- incomplete]

I need a miracle i wanna b ur girl give me a chance 2 c that u are made 4 me i need a miracle plz let me b ur girl one day ull c it cud happen 2 me cud happen 2 me [miracle]

I wanna spend the rest of my life... With u by my side... 4 ever and ever... Every lil thing that u do... Baby im amazed by u [lonestar]

I wanna know where u blong... I wanna know why i sing this song... I trie 2 show how much i feel... Is that a dream or is it real... I never look where u blong untill i gotta sing my song... Is it a lie or is it true... So many tears ive cried 4 u... [groove coverage- million tears]

I jst wanna... 4 the rest of my life.. I wanna hold u in the morning... Hold u through the night... X2 [eminem- 8 mile]

I wanna love u but i better not touch... I wanna hold u but my senses tell me 2 stop... I wanna kiss u but i want it 2 much... I wanna taste u but ur lips r...Bla bla bla... Poison l0l [groove coverage- poison]

Ur cruel device... Ur blood like ice... One look cud kill... My pain... ur thrill... I wanna love u but i better not touch... I wanna hold u but my senses tell me 2 stop... I wanna kiss u but i want it 2 much... I wanna tast u but ur lips r... Bla bla bla... Poison! [::Groove coverage- poison::]
[::Eminem- 8mile road::]

sometimes i jst feel like... Quiting i still might why do i put up this fight why do i still write sometimes its hard enough jst dealing with real life sometimes i wanna jump ......... And show these ppl what my level of skills like but im still white sometimes i jst hate life something aint right hit the brake lights... Bla bla bla l0l

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