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Patriots Beware

PATRIOT: One who loves his country and zealously guards its welfare.

I am not an expert on law, or the Constitution, or the inner machenations of legislation. Nor I am an expert on what I MYSELF think is right or wrong. But I think I know when a situation smells fishy. And its common sense that when someone lies repeatedly, gets caught in those lies, and yet continues to lie with no repercussions, its most likely that you cant trust them.
And what has the US government done to its citizens throughout the past century but lie Lie LIE? It is by now common knowledge that politicians lie; everyone accepts this as a truism. But, is anything done about it? Its a sad state of affairs when the voting criteria for a presidential candidate is *whichever one lies the least.* But then again, this is a country where the traits of a psychopath are DESIRED attributes in the business world.
If *we the people* accept these standards for ourselves in our quest to achieve The American Dream, then what makes us think our government would be any different? Add to this the fact that power corrupts, and you have a recipe for a major governmental train wreck in the near future. If one keeps their ear to the ground (or reads the alternative news), then one would have heard of the extreme measures the Bush administration has taken to monitor the internet and anti-Bush sentiments contained w/in blogs.
They actually have put together teams of employees (CIA agents most likely) to seek out, identify, and watch dissenters, patriots, intellectuals and any other free-thinkers who are able to form their very own ideas. People who may question the governments questionable antics at home (911) and abroad (Iraq). They supposedly take your info, store it in a database, and keep tabs on your activities. Then, down the road, when the need arises, they can cite you for conspiring, treason and even (gasp) terrorism.

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