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unknown - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

The God(s) of the Old Testament

Wear those snakeskins with pride...

One day, years ago, I was reading my Bible... the part where Moses beseeches God not to kill His Chosen Ones just because they had made a golden calf. Moses says basically, Lord, why bring them out of Egypt just to wack em here? My point being, Moses was speaking to the Great and Holy God as if to a small bratty yet powerful child. I found this more than a little off-putting.
After discovering that much of Genesis was based upon earlier Sumerian texts, I began reading Zacheriah Sitchin. His translations of the Sumerian cuniform tablets revealed a world of *gods* that acted akin to selfish bratty yet very powerful children! Hmm... These gods were very powerful indeed. Their technology was so impressively advanced that mankind chose to exchange their peaceful selfless psychic ways for the selfish materially rewarding ways of the gods.
Whoa! What do I mean? What am I saying? Patience. It is my opinion that the god(s) of the Old Testament is/are what Sitchin claims the Sumerians called The Anunnaki or Nephilim. They wrote the Old Testament. This can explain the scientifically proven (by Russian mathematician Eli Ripps) existence of an unique, 3-dimensional computer code contained w/in the Bible, among other things.
Now, if you entertain the possibility that such beings exist, and that they wrote the Old Testament, then its fairly obvious that they DONT come in peace and DO mean us harm. The creation of monotheism has to be the single most evil act in known history, in my opinion. Think of the pain, suffering, and death that this ideology has produced.
But, I digress. These monsters wrote the O.T. to place a control system in effect, and the code was time-locked to be discovered in the End Days to effect disinformation. It even had me thinkin thusly back in 2001: *Gee if there is a bible code, then the bible must be true!* WRONG! It just means that it was written by an intellect far greater and much more insidious than our own. We cant be so arrogant as to think we are the top of the food chain...

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