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carolina bays - Animals/Nature

Hope & Help

Sometimes, when contemlating the fate of the world and its life-forms, there is a tendency to become bitter or depressed or even to sink into a hopeless despair. After all, what CAN we DO? In the grand scheme of things, our lives are of little, to no, significance. Now that IS enough to put someone into a funk that would take extraordinary effort to extricate oneself from! Luckily, you are not alone. There are many who feel as you do.
Learning needs to be done by oneself if the data learned is to be truly assimulated. Too much help is a hindrance, but sometimes we need a little push. And help can come from anywhere. All you have to do is ask. Not beg or plead (because those are forms of demanding), but ask. Politely. Realize that no one will do your work for you (you wouldnt learn anything anyway) but they can help you to get a foothold in otherwise treacherous terrain.
If one gets used to being helped out of tough situations, then one will EXPECT the help and feel impotent if the help is abruptly terminated. This, of course, is not a good thing. So, if you ask for help, make sure you REALLY need it. There are those who exist soley to make others powerless in order to feed their egos. These types will come on as benevolent been there done that sages wisely dispensing advice/help to smart but naive people like you and I.
They will be there for you time and again, until you depend upon them for nearly everything. At this point, their benevolence usually turns to mild annoyance, further locking you into their control because now you are made to feel indebted to them for all the help they have given you. And on it goes. So, of course, its better to be careful of such help, and see it for what it truly is.
To think that one is adequate to make it alone on the rough and treacherous Road To Truth is foolhardy. Altho there will be many times when you find yourself alone on this road, more often than not help will come from the most unexpected places. But, caution must be employed! In this world of disinformation, you will find that as you get closer to the TRUTH, there will be those who wish to deter you.
Because the Control System is rooted in lies, finding the TRUTH would cause the system to collapse. Therefore, the Controllers will fight to keep their system safe. And many times, help is really hurt in disguise. Anything that causes you to stray from the straight path is hurting you, whether its a new love interest sucking up your time or sudden legal problems... THEY work in insidious ways. Now you probably think this is beginning to sound like a weird conspiracy theory, right?
And there is yet another example of how the Controllers control - if they see someone promulgating the truth, they can put negative spin on it by discrediting the author. *Thats too fantastic to be true! The writer is obviously a lunatic! One of those weirdo conspiracy nuts!* And so, the reader has a laugh and goes back to their comfy little illusion. What I have found is, truth is stranger than fiction.
As a wise man once said, *Ask, and ye shall receive.* Now, as to WHAT ye shall receive remains unanswered...the point is, if you are pursuing the Truth honestly and openly, help will come from any and all angles when you least expect it.

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