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One Of The Global Elite's Most Powerful Weapons

If you stand for truth, prepare to be ridiculed.

The BrimeStone Society has been hitting some rough times of late; some members simply cannot let go of their religious/political predujices, therefore rendering them incapable of objective learning. Thus, the shortage of recent articles. But we shall do the best w/ what we have. This article will focus on one of the Global Elites most powerful and useful weapons: RIDICULE.
This also affected the shortage of articles on TBSC page because not only did we want the information to be correct, we wanted to present it in a fashion that would draw the least amount of ridicule. Ridicule amounts to being discredited. And what serious Truth Seeker wants that on their resume? And therein lies the proof of the power of ridicule. No one wants to look a fool, especially if they are trying to convince someone of something.
The biggest beef against conspiracies is the age old *How in the world could the government keep something so terrible a secret for so long?* Well, the truth is that it ISNT a secret! The truth is right there in the open for all to see. But the Elite use other weapons such as disinformation and propoganda to dilute and muddy up the pure waters of truth, thus making it very hard to see what is real and what isnt.
And when someone DOES break thru the murkiness to discover the truth and attempt to make it public knowledge, the Global Elite employ their greatest weapon: ridicule. They make the very notion proported as the truth (be it UFOs, NWO, microchipping humans, 9/11, etc) to be ridiculous if not idiotic, and they usually go after the author as well, attacking their character and personal life. Now, WHO wants to experience THAT?
So, most people are content to turn the other way and join the crowd of bullies doing the name-calling rather than experience the humiliation of public ridicule. After all, life is much easier if you just go w/ the flow. And this is exactly what has enabled the Global Elite to get away with what they have over the years...from the Holocaust to JFK to 9/11 and beyond... if you turn the other cheek, then you are an ENABLER.
Make no mistake, all the Germans who stood by and did nothing while Hitler rose to power are just as guilty as Hitler, of the terrible deeds he did. And that is what is happening right now in the USA. The Bush Regime is lying to the people and committing treason and murdering countless innocents all in the name of the PEOPLE (we the people, etc)... but if any of the PEOPLE criticize these acts, they are RIDICULED and labeled UNPATRIOTIC and even TRAITORS to their country!
To anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is clear who the TRAITORS are... traitors to HUMANITY, that is. The many are ruled by the few, and the few will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. We have a choice to either accept the given PROGRAM, or educate and arm ourselves with knowledge. Because KNOWLEDGE PROTECTS [Cassiopaeans], and no amount of ridicule can change the fact that the TRUTH will set you FREE.

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