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rosecross - Wallpaper

The Roman Catholic Mafia's Monopoly

-OR- How cold blooded power hungry elitists used The Word to gain control

*A heretic may be anyone whose outlook someone else dislikes or denounces. According to tradition, a heretic is one who deviates from the true faith. But what defines that true faith? Who calls it that, and for what reasons?* - Elaine Pagels, GNOSTIC GOSPELS (pg xxii) . . . . . .During the first and 2nd centuries, *numerous gospels circulated among various Christian groups, ranging from those of the New Testament. . . to such writings as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Phillip and the Gospel of Truth,
as well as many other secret teachings, myths and poems attributed to Jesus or His disciples.* (ibid). By AD 200, Christianity had become institutionalized, headed by a 3-rank hierarchy of bishops, priests and deacons, who self-styled themselves as guardians of the only True Faith. They felt there could only be one church, and outside that there was no salvation. Orthodox literally means straight thinking. Anybody that challenged the above consensus, professing other forms of Christian teaching,
was declared a heretic and expelled. *When the orthodox gained military support, sometime after the Emperor Constantine became Christian in the 4th century, the penalty for heresy escalated* (ibid). As an historical note, Constantine was the first person to make a list of all the books he felt needed to be in the collection called the Bible and discarded all the books he felt heretical or uneeded. In this way, the Bible we have today was first designed,
and is one of the reasons many gnostic and other texts were destroyed or hidden. Really, it seems to me that the orthodox Roman Catholic church as we know it has little to do with Jesus Christs teachings and wishes, and much to do with mans desire for wealth, power and control. So much intrigue has surrounded these formerly lost texts - both then and now.
When they were discovered in the 1940s, there was much hiding, stealing and smuggling of the documents, mostly out of a greedy desire to profit from these treasures. 50 pages of writings could sell (illegally) for $22,000. Now THATs blasphemy.

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