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By Their Fruits...

taken from an article written by Richard Cook

[It is indisputable] that from the 2000 presidential election thru the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath, what New York Times columnist Paul Krugman termed a *revolutionary power* took control of the U.S. Government. Krugmans statement, contained in the introduction to his 2005 book THE GREAT UNRAVELING, has not been taken seriously enough.
George W. Bush had lost the popular vote to Al Gore but was named to office by a Supreme Court that rubber-stamped what Greg Palast and others have proven was an extended process of electoral fraud in Florida. The subsequent actions and policies of the Bush/Cheney administration have been in accord with its dubious beginnings.
From the emergence of the Neocons as an ideological power base dominant over U.S. foreign policy, to destruction wreaked on the Bill of Rights by illegal surveillance of citizens, to the senseless creation of the bureaucratically monstrous Department of Homeland Security and passage of the Patriot Acts,
to the initiation of *wars of choice* leading to the devestation of 2 nations and the killing or displacement of perhaps a million Middle Eastern non-combatants to violation of international treaties and conventions against wars of aggression and torture of prisoners, to presiding over an economy ruined by the continued export of manufacturing jobs and the creation and deflation of the housing bubble,
to the wrecking of the federal budget by over by over a trillion dollars of wartime expenditure, to the abandonment of the city of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina, to tax cuts for the most wealthy while the income of the middle class has drastically eroded,
and to threats to start another war, this time against Iran, based on deceptions similar to those which preceded the Iraq invasion, the Bush/Cheney administration has brought the U.S. to the brink of catastrophe.

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