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Selective Biological Weapons

Excerpted fromTHE MARK OF DOOM by Vasili Sychev, 03/02/04

A SLOW SICKNESS - Scientists have been exploring the possibilities of selective biological weapons for some time now. This is roughly how these weapons would work. Genetic information is implanted into bacterias *programming* reflecting the gene structure or gene combination of a certain targeted group of people. Once the programmed bacteria enter someones system, they *recognize* their target and kill the person.
If the genetic structure of the infected person does not correspond, the microbe dies without harming him. Even specialists will have a hard time differentiating bacterial ethnic cleansing from a regular epidemic, if only because the countries leading the development of these weapons could purposefully misinform the public. There will be few direct clues.
Another difficulty is that this weapon could have a delayed effect. It could be turned on by a trigger mechanism, meanin it could target not only specific people but also people under very specific conditions. This means that illness could be delayed not just by days but for an indefinite period of time. Yet the moment the infected person, say, comes down with strep throat and takes antibiotics, the bacteria begin to multiply, leading to a severe illness that eludes diagnosis.
*It is already possible today to create antibiotic resistant cultures,* Alexander Prozorov, a professor in the microorganism genetics lab at the Russian Academy of Science Institute for General Genetics, said. The most striking examples of this type of culture are streptomycin-dependant bacteria that only grow in the presence of the antibiotic strepomxcin. This will make it hard for doctors to do much, as traditional pharmaceuticals wont help. On the contrary, treatment will only make the patient sicker.
POLITICAL GERMS - Yet the most terrifying new possibility is the hypothetical biological weapon that could infect people according to genetic markers. Not only would it allow for genocide; it xould be created specifically for that purpose. A recent report by the British Medical Association stated that *the rapid progress in genetics could become the basis for ethnic cleansing on an unheard of scale in the near future.*
3 years ago, idealogues like US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and PNAC Director William Crystal were already discussing genetic weapons. They recommended that the Pentagon consider the possibility for using this type of weapon not only to successfully wage war, but also to reconfigure world politics. [Excerpted fromTHE MARK OF DOOM by Vasili Sychev, 03/02/04]

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