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Editorial: 11/04/08

The US Judicial System

Everyone is voting today, and talking about the election. No matter who wins, the end result will be the same...I want to talk about the court system. I did jury duty once, and have also went to court with people who have been there to face charges and be sentenced. First of all, looking at all the court *costs,* my immediate reaction is that it is a money racket. $362 in prosecution fees? For every defendant?
A DUI defendant must take driving courses which cost $200. If their blood alcohol level is .2 or higher, they must take additional courses at $ 200 each. They lose their license also, in addition to fines over $1000. To a single parent barely getting by, that one mistake makes it almost impossible to feed the kids and pay the bills. As the single mother cries, the cops in the courtroom snicker *She shouldnt have been drinking n driving*
when I know for a fact one of those cops has a son who drives drunk every night yet has never been pulled over. Hmm I wonder why. Another thing that bothers me is this whole *taking an oath* stuff. Sure, an honest citizen will tell the truth while psychopaths, characteropaths, and socioaths have no qualms about lying under oath. Many innocent people are bullied into accepting plea bargains and paying outrageous fines because they are scared of the system fucking them.
And for good reason. Thats why I am against the death penalty. How many innocent people have *we the people* executed? After all, if the USA is a government of we the people, then that blood is on our hands. Your hands and mine. I believe our court system was set up the way it is for a reason. If you want justice, do you really think you can trust a system that attornys and prosecutors have learned to manipulate and decieve? Its not about justice; its about MONEY.

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