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The State of Things

The world is a tough place for virtually everyone who isnt wealthy. The natural balance of nature is severely askew - wealthy businessmen can play a $100 round of golf while not a half hour away from the golf course sits a child whose mother cannot feed him because they have no money. Those who make the most money sit on their asses all day while those who make the least amount of money bust their asses for a paycheck that doesnt cover all their bills. Why?
Because thats how the Powers That Be want it. They want to keep the majority down and in debt, scraping by, so that thdy will have to keep working pointless meaningless jobs to keep that cash flowing into the PTB's pockets. It keeps the populace under control, occupied, and unable to stop and think about why their situation is the way it is. The average person has been brainwashed into thinking back-breaking labor is the way to success. No, thats just a quick way to a bad back and disabilhty.
The PTB dont want you or I to pursue any esoteric developement. They would rather we accept one of their cookie-cutter religions instead. If we started thinking for ourselves and accepting responsibility for our actions, then their whole house of cards would fall.
Think about this: we vote for and accept leaders who we KNOW lie and steal. And that is now the norm. What does that say about us?

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