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anything about badminton

birds have died so people may play

tip of the day: If you know your fitness is superior to your opponent's, you should try to extend the rallies. Keep the shuttle high and to the back of the court. This gives you time to get to the net when your opponent becomes tired and plays a dropshot. Note that your opponent may attempt to counter you by shortening the rallies.
-Badminton - Named after Lord Edward `bad' Minton (1817-1926), Attorney General in British India
-The net man should be aware of what the smasher is doing, whether he is out of position or out of balance. Being aware of the smasher helps the net man to anticipate return shots and cut off potential winners.
tip: Mens/Women's doubles
-If you have the offense, it is safest if you do not smash cross-court, since their down-the-line return will be directed at your undefended open space.
Alley - extension of the court by 1-1/2 feet on both sides for doubles play
1-9-05 tip:
Doubles, Always cross the shuttles when some one smashes you. The idea is to keep your opponents moving. Clear the shuttle to the weaker partner. Play with the weaker partner to get them frustrated. Be prepared for counter attack. Get your feet position and wrist ready to flick across. To know when you have achieve perfection is when your opponent says you are like a wall. (Be proud and congratulations).
1-10-05 tip
At high level of play, No matter how good physically or racket you have, it doesn't matter. You can ask some champions to see if it is true. Basic foot work is and racket handling technique is very important. Do a lot of shadow run. Tango method or crab method. Train yourself for at least half an hour.
1-12-05 tip:
In case you want to adjust the weight of your racket. Do it using your grip. If you put more weight on your grip, then your frame will be lighter.
1-17-05 tip for doubles
If your opponent serves long, smash it. If your opponent serves short, try to hit to one of the following spots:
flat or downwards directly at your opponent
to the alley nearest you
to the alley farthest from you
Feint : Any deceptive movement that disconcerts an opponent before or during the serve; also called a "baulk".
Throw : An illegal stroke in which the shuttle is not hit, but caught and held on the racket before being released; also called a "carry" or "sling".
reminder...if you cant certainly cant score! practice ur service!

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