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Mr. Garnette

During the time of adam and eve,is it an apple they ate or just any other fruit?
We are non of us all a piece; more than one person
dwells within us,often in uneasy companionship with his fellows.within my earthly temple there's a crowd; one that's humble, one that's proud.there's one thats broken hearted for his sins,there's one that
unrepentant sits and grins; there's one that loves his neighbour as himself, and one that cares for naughty but fame and pelf.from much corroding i should be free.if i could once determine which is me...
Every human being can bear witness to the experience of conflicts,within himself.they are to his spirit as are small leaden weights tied to a bird's legs,pulling it down and making it powerless to soar on high.frustration is a lively,cheerful way of leaving things in the hands of God after you have tried all in your power...well the chef is resistance to frustration,ask me right away.
Realise that you have limitations,know what those limitations are,see if it is humanly possible to overcome them.if not,set your goal i n a direction where these limitations don't bother me and find out how!
Brooding over failure does not achieve anything positive.accept the failure; make it a stepping stone to success by learning from it.keep by a good close of cheerfulness,the best antidote against may just need a pinch of it now and then...
We can not avoid them altogether-with evil habbits and inclinations is the control of ourselves.with self-control we can check and direct our complexes and symptoms to mould out of them a happy personality.(the one iam sadly salutes the one i should have been!-a world chef,respect.)find out more...
Conscious mental acts stop being conscious once they have fulfilled thier need this,don't pretend!

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