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What is the Camarilla?

There are seven Major Clans that founded and comprise the Camarilla. Brujah,Gangrel, Malkavians,Nosferatu, Toreador,Tremere and Ventrue!Other indepedent clans that have a recognized affliction with Camarilla, but are not of the seven Major Clans, include: Daughters of the Cacophony, Giovanni,Follovers of Setites, Ravnos, Samedi! The Camarilla considered all Clans to be part of the Camarilla and thus bound by it´s laws! If a Clan does not follow those laws,they are considered outlaws and enemies of the sect,
essentially like part of the Sabbat,even it is not formally a part of that sect!
What do you know about the Camarilla?Who founded it? Why? What were their goals, and who were their enemies? Who knows? Those questions address the past, which is for elders and ghosts! We are here to talk about this great,monstruous machine that calls itself the Camarilla of today,and what it means to you.
From the 2nd edition Main Book, Camarilla is a global sect of vampires in which all Kindred may hold membership. Its rule is far from absolute,and it serves as a debating chamber more than a government!
From the Player´s Guide to the sabbath the Camarilla is the pawn of the Antediluvians. This sect keeps the younger vampires weak and unprepared for Gehenna. The Camarilla leaders receive their orders from the warlords of the Juhad and relay information back to them!
From the Anarch CookBook:´We are told that all clans banded together for the common good of all, but this is a lie! The new laws of the Camarilla were harsh, and they were not questioned at first, but later,when humanity forgot about us,these laws were still as harsh, and princes used them to destroy those they hated personally´!
From Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand: The Black Hand played only a limited role in forming the Camarilla,which has led many within to wonder if the Inconnu or some other groups was involved! The Black Hand discovered it could use the Camarilla to cause continual discord, creating chaos among the Kindred as never before! _to_be_continue_

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