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Laws of the Camarilla!

1-´The founders´! From this night on the group known as the Founders shall be known as ´the Camarilla´!
2-´Membership of the Camarilla!´At present only the Seven Great Clans are part of the sect as a whole,though any individual Kindred of any lineage may become a member. This is subject to change!
3-´The Seven Great Clans´! The Seven Great Clans are: Clan Ventrue, Clan Toreador,Clan Malkavian, Clan Tremere, Clan Nosferatu, Clan Brujah and Clan Gangrel! These are the Founding Clans, and the elder of these make up the Inner Circle of the Camarilla!
4-´The Inner Circle´! The Inner Circle will meet by Conclave every 13 years at Castle Hardestadt, or by agreement at the previous Conclave the Tower of London, or any other safe place! Thus the years will be: 1447, 1460,1473,1486,1499, 1512..... 1980,1993, 2006..... and so....
5.´The Princes´ The Princes of each domain exist primarily as overseers,to ensure that the Six Traditions are upheld and so settle any disputes that may arise! "Prince" is the common term for these elders of domains, but it is acknowledged that cultural differences in this term occur!
6.´The Justicars´ The Justicars are the Judges of the Sect! One is appointed for each of Seven Great Clans! They serve the Camarilla for a period of 13 years, and re-appointment is made at each Conclave of the Inner Circle! They are ultimately responsible for upholding the laws of the Camarilla, and have higher authority than the Princes! Each time they wish to make judgement upon a Kindred, they must call a Conclave!
7.´Authority´ The Inner Circle holds ultimate authority within the Camarilla!

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