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Enchantment Spells

Spell to Create a Mate:
Take a living object and place it atop a drawing of a pentagram within a circle of candles.
From strike of twelve count twenty four
That´s how long this spell is for.
Turn these gift into a mate,
And then my lonely heart abate.

Phoebe´s correction:
From strike of twelve count twenty four
That´s how long this spell is for.
If to abate my lonely heart,
Enchant these gifts, I thee impart.

Spell to Turn Humans Into Animals:
Something wicked in our midst,
In human form these spirits dwell,
Make them animals sayeth this spell.

To Reverse the Spell:
Undo the magic acted here,
Reverse the spell so all is clear.

Spell to Track a Banshee:
The piercing cry that feeds on pain,
And leaves more sorrow than it gains
Shall now be heard by one who seeks
To stop the havoc that it wreaks.

Spell to Promote Compromise:
These words will travel through the minds
Of stubborn parties and unbind
The thoughts too rigid to be kind
A compromise they´ll disentwine

Enchantment Spell:
Speak these words to enchant an object.
Magic forces far and wide
Enchant these so those can´t hide
Allow this witch to use therein
So she can reveal the evil within

Instant Karma Spell:
To make a demon feel the pain he inflicts
Let cruelty, pain and evil ways
Follow this villain through all his days
Reverse the torment he creates
To turn on him his cruel fate

To reverse the spell:
Burn the paper on which the spell is written after reciting the chant
Guiding spirits
Hear our plea
Anull this magic
Let it be

Charm of Love
3 sticks cinnamon
4 shelled peas
1 tsp. Anise oil
1 tsp. Pepper Red
3 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
3 tsp. Honey
Rose Petals from Five Roses
Pinch of Catnip
2 drops Musk Oil
1 Strand of Conjurer´s Hair

Spell to Attract a Lover:
I conjure thee, I conjure thee.
I´m the queen, you´re the bee.
As I desire, so shall it be.

Spell to Ward Off Bad Luck:
Light a sage stick and let it burn during chant
Sage so fair from far and wide,
Take my troubles and brush them aside.

Good Luck Spell:
From this moment on,
Your pain is erased
Your bad luck as well.
Enjoy your good luck, Maggie.
You´re free from this hell.

Spell to Conjure Good Luck:
Finances have run amok
Creditors I soon must duck
I cast this spell to find some luck
And hope my life will cease to suck

Charm of Multiplicity:
To increase your strength
Recite these words at length:
Take my powers, blessed be,
Multiply their strength by three

Spell to See Muses:
Being of creativity
Show yourself now to me
Your light which shine upon our face
Let our vision now embrace

To reverse the spell:
Being of creativity
Hide yourself now from me
Your light that shines upon our face
From our vision now erase

Spell to Track the Sea Hag:
Power of the witches rise,
Find the hag who speaks in lies
Balance chakra, focus chi,
Lead us through the cruel, cruel sea

The Sleeping Spell:
Let we who waken from our sleep
Return at once to slumber deep.

The Smart Spell:
Spirits send the words from all across the land.
Allow me to absorb them through the touch of either hand.
For twenty-four hours from seven to seven,
I will understand all meaning of the words from here to heaven.

Spell to Hear Secret Thoughts:
Light a blue candle and chant:
As flame lights shadow and truth ends fear
Open locked thoughts to my willing ear.
May the smoke from this candle into everywhere creep
Bringing innermost voices to my mind in speech.

Spell to Turn a Demon Into a Tree:
Changing seasons changes all,
Life renews as creation calls.
Nothing is immune—
Everything transmutes—
So take this demon
And give him roots.

The Truth Spell:
For those who want the truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed.
From now until it is now again,
After which the memory ends.
For those who are now in this house
Will hear the truth from other´s mouths.

Alteration to enchant one person to tell the truth:
For those who want the truth revealed,
Opened hearts and secrets unsealed.
From now until it is now again,
After which the memory ends.

Spell to See the Unseen:
In this ´tween time, this darkest hour
We call upon this sacred power.
Three together stand alone,
Command the unseen to be shown.
In innocence we search the skies,
Enchanted are our newfound eyes.

The Vanishing Spell:
The object of objection
Will become but a dream
As I cause the seen
To be unseen

To reverse the spell:
Let the object of objection return
So that it´s existence may be reaffirmed

(c) Copyright to Carlys Charmed

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