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My Charmed Epidoe P.t2

(Piper frowns)

Paige: He orbed to get you. He’s obviously late, he’ll be here soon, don’t worry.

Piper: When? I never see him, in a few months time he will have to be here for the baby!

Paige: Calm down Piper. My little niece is getting upset.

Phoebe: Paige is right, c’mon we need to tell you something (they guide Piper to living room)

Paige: Sit and listen (Piper looks confused)

Phoebe: Okay I had a premonition. Paige cast a shoe spell and I got the premonition off a pair of sandals.

Piper: Off a pair of sandals? (Takes off wet jacket)

Phoebe: I saw you in the sandals and you were evil, demon evil, red eyes the lot…

Piper: (Looks very confused) I… I… Oh My God. I wouldn’t, damn stooped evil! But… wait, Prue had some problem shoes one time.

Phoebe: Come to think of it, I remember that’s why I thought something of them.

Piper: I guess Paige, you’re mad on shoes, just like Prue.

(Paige smiles)

Paige: I’m honoured. (Takes a bow)

Phoebe: (Laughs) Prue would’ve got on with you really well you know.

Paige: Yeah, it would have been cool.

(They all smile, Leo orbs in – Piper goes over to him)

Leo: Nice to see you too, Piper.

Piper: So we were saying… Hey! Do you remember the spell Prue did that time, the one with the shoes?

Phoebe: The one where she wanted to destroy boots and stilettos? Leo?

(Piper looks at Leo, then Paige)

Phoebe: Paige, where did you get the spell?

Paige: I made it up; I guess I was a little desperate, sorry.

Piper: Prue got a shoe spell off Grams except she didn’t get piles of shoes, she got them in boxes.

Paige: Lucky Prue, I got a bruise! (Touches her head) Ouch!

Leo: Yes, well the Elders think the spell is a curse. And I think Prue’s spell was a different matter.

Phoebe: Really, a curse? Paige, did you use any mystic words?

Paige: I can’t remember. (She thinks) Oh, it was I have no choice, From Soul to Sole; I need more shoes, as big as a hill from a mole!

Piper: No Paige!!!!

(A ton of shoes rain over Paige who is now on the floor)

Paige: Not again! Dammit!

Leo: Hey, there’s another pair of the evil sandals. (He picks them up)

Phoebe: No, Piper don’t look!

(Piper is in a trance staring at the sandals in Leo’s hands)

Piper: My size too! (Piper takes the sandals off Leo and a whirl of wind fills the living room. She starts to chant) Le geeder on seele, Le geeder on seele, Le geeder on seele, Ma Yandah!

Commercial Break

[Attic. Phoebe and Paige are looking through the Book of Shadows]

Phoebe: This is the weirdest thing ever. (She flips over the pages)

Paige: I know, but what I don’t get is how can a spell I made up be evil? I’m a good witch and I don’t cause shoes to take over my sister.

Phoebe: Well, it was personal gain, Paige.

(Leo orbs in with Piper in his arms)

Leo: She’s sleeping. (Lays her on the couch) After she chanted, she was flat out.

Phoebe: What does all this mean?

Leo: I’m not sure, I’ll go and try and find out. (Orbs out)

Paige: How can Piper speak Arabic?

Phoebe: (Laughs and turns serious again) It’s not Arabic it’s a curse. (Points to a page in the Book) A person’s words from a personal gain spell can sometimes call evil spirits to interfere.

Paige: I didn’t call anyone; I felt hopeless and got a little greedy.

(Piper wakes up and sits up)

Paige: Uh, Phoebe… Piper is staring at me. Phoebe!

(Piper runs towards Paige, but Paige orbs out)

Phoebe: Piper! (She grabs hold of Piper and Paige orbs in at the other side of the attic) Piper honey, stay still.

Paige: What’s wrong with her?

Phoebe: LEO!

(Leo orbs in)

Leo: What’s up?

Phoebe: Can you get Piper away from Paige, she just charged at her and she won’t keep still! OW! She just bit me!

Paige: I’m never gonna look at sandals in the same way again!

Leo: The Elders didn’t say much; they told me that a spirit named Franz Sandals might’ve heard your spell and cursed the sandals, that’s all I got and then you called.

Phoebe: Oh sorry. (She sits Piper down and rubs her bite mark) Why does this make Piper evil? At the moment, all she seems to be doing is acting like a wild animal. (Walks over to Paige)

Paige: What else does it say in the Book? (She walks over to it and reads out) ‘Sprits to interfere’ and after that it says ‘the Spirit who answers should take over a persons body and destroys all people who are its enemies!’

Leo: But what does have to do with Franz Sandals? (Leo holds Piper still now who is staring at her feet.)

Paige: ‘The person who is taken over by the spirit will also destroy their close ones’

Phoebe: So my premonition was that Piper was after us or someone like…

Paige: Me, why me?

Leo: Maybe because you cast the spell?

Phoebe: Yeah, that makes sense.

Paige: Well like I said earlier I’m a fan of shoes. I had no choice but to use magic to solve my problems, I know I shouldn’t have but I did and…. (Paige’s cell rings) Oh no its Brad, my date, what shall I tell him?

Phoebe: Erm…

Leo: That your oldest sister is on her way to destroy you?

Paige: Yeah, right (she answers her cell) Hello? …. You can’t make it … oh maybe another time… its ok bye (makes a kissing noise, puts her cell down) well that was easy!

Leo: Oh my god, Piper has the sandals on!

(Piper runs to the window and jumps out)

Phoebe: What just happened?

(All looking at the broken window)

Paige: I guess the evil has kicked in.

(Someone flies behind them)

Stranger: Not quiet yet.

Leo: What the? Who are you?

Stranger: I’m Franz Sandals, Paige I heard your shoe crisis which came through to me and I’m afraid your spell is a curse and the curse was, no is taking over your sister.

Phoebe: What makes you think we’re not gonna vanquish you?

Franz: Because you can’t, I’m a spirit. And I haven’t completed my task. (He runs through the broken window.)

Paige: Now what do we do?

Phoebe: Scry for Piper.

Leo: Seems like a good idea. He’s after her body so he will be after her now.

Paige: Okay, Phoebe and me will scry for Piper, Leo will you write down the potion to separate the spirit from the body that I saw in the Book, c’mon (she leads Phoebe down stairs.)

(Phoebe and Paige in conservatory, Paige is Scrying while Phoebe watches)

Paige: Come on Piper (She is focusing on the map)

Phoebe: Do you think Franz is after us?

Paige: No, but he might kill us just to have full control over Piper.

Phoebe: Yeah like the Book said.

(Leo orbs in)

Leo: I have wrote down the potion and went to see the Elders and they said that once you separate Piper’s body from Franz spirit you then destroy the sandals and he should go back were he came from.

(Crystal falls on map)

Paige: Got her!

Phoebe: Where’s she at?

Paige: Not far, the main road before Golden Gate Bridge.

Leo: (Says sarcastically) not far?

(Phoebe laughs)

Paige: It’s only an orb away.

Leo: First make potion and write a spell to free Piper then we’ll cut to the chase.

(Phoebe and Paige nod with agreement and they all head to the kitchen)

(Cut to kitchen, Poof! Potion finished by Paige, Phoebe is writing incantation)

Leo: Ready with the potion?

Paige: Yup, Phoebe you almost finished?

(Phoebe puts her pen down and puts the paper in her back pocket.)

Phoebe: Lets go and get Piper. (She walks between Leo and Paige and they orb)

Commercial Break

[Cut to street: buildings are destroyed, fires everywhere and innocents screaming. Piper/Franz shouting at a old woman in front of her)

Piper/Franz: Hey Lady, Those shoes are so last year, I mean century! (Blows shoes up)

(Piper/Franz is walking and a bald guy shimmers in front of Piper/Franz)

Piper/Franz: Not you, Seamen how’d you find me?

Seaman: Franz, you were always a loser, taking over a woman’s body, a pregnant woman, a Charmed One! Master of all spirits says it is time you gave up trying to take over the world.

Piper/Franz: I have the witch’s power, the power to slow down molecules and the power to speed them up. I’ll think I’ll use them on you! (Piper/Franz blows Seaman up)

[Scene: Phoebe, Paige and Leo orb into the street]

Paige: Where is she?

Phoebe: Can you sense her Leo?

Leo: Faintly, over there! (He points over to other side of street; Piper is staring at her feet)

Paige: (Looking around) Oh My God! Look at what she’s done. It’s a disaster world!

Phoebe: Don’t you mean what he’s done?

(They all rush over to Piper/Franz)

Piper/Franz: (Takes off the sandals and holds them in the air) La geeder on seele, La geeder on seele, La geeder on seele, Ma Yandah!

Paige: Leo, Phoebe, I’ll be back in a bit (Orbs out)

(Piper/Franz turns around with red evil eyes)

Phoebe: This is what happened in my premonition! We’ve got to stop Piper from getting Paige, wherever she’s gone.

Leo: Paige has orbed over there and is coming back with something

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