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My Charmed Episode P.T 3

Phoebe: The other pair of sandals!

Piper/Franz: (Piper’s spirit manages to get a word in – she sounds panicky) where is Paige? Don’t let her get the sandals! (Cough – Franz has taken over again) Shut your mouth Halliwell!

Phoebe: That was Piper talking.

(Paige runs over to them)

Phoebe: Destroy them Paige!

Paige: (Throws the sandals into a car fire) how’d you think about that Mister!

Leo: Her evil eyes are gone, Paige, Phoebe, the separation potion!

(Before them get chance to throw it, Piper flies away)

Phoebe: Back to the Manor!

[Time lapse to Manor – Paige is Scrying again)

Paige: We could do this all day and the more time we waste, the more Franz destroys his enemies and shoes!

Leo: I think Franz’s enemies are the world of good.

Phoebe: If so then we need to do this fast.

(Crystal falls onto map)

Paige: Alley near the supermarket!

Phoebe: Okay, grab the potion!

[Time Lapse – Alley: Teenage boy is talking to Piper/Franz]

Boy: What do you want lady?

Piper/Franz: My Apologies!

Boy: What? (Turns around and starts to walk away)

(Piper/Franz attacks from behind)

Boy: Lady, you’re crazy (He tries to get away but Piper/Franz holds him down)

Piper/Franz: Remember, my apology, you’re the one, the one who mugged and stabbed my brother! You should pay!

Boy: No, you got it wrong. How do you know about Roy Sandals and Franz?

Piper/Franz: I am Franz!

Boy: No, you see he is my enemy, they always have been. I’m not giving in!

(Phoebe, Paige and Leo Orb in)

Leo: Piper No!

Paige: Piper, it’s your sisters, your family!

(Boy escapes and Piper/Franz turns around)

Piper/Franz: You fools. I have Piper now!

(Phoebe takes out the spell from her back pocket and Paige gets the potion from her pocket)

Phoebe and Paige: (Reading from the paper) free this Halliwell from this evil, separate them separate now. Send him back from where he came from, from us to you, we want you gone!

(Piper collapses and Leo runs to her, Franz’s spirit is floating in the air)

Franz: You witches can’t kill me!

Paige: Is that so? (Throws potion at sandals but nothing happens) What the hell?

Phoebe: Piper, blow the sandals up!

Leo: Come on Piper, concentrate!

Piper: (Sits up and blows up the sandals) Ohhhh. (She stands up)

(Franz disappears)

Phoebe: You did it Piper!

Piper: No, you guys did it. You’re the ones who saved me from him, and Leo, thank-you for standing by their side. How’d you do it?

Leo: Oh Piper. (They hug) Hey Phoebe, cool spell and Paige, what happened with your potion? (Jingling is heard – Elders summoning Leo) Oh, I have to go, "They’re" calling!

Piper: But wait, you haven’t answered my… (Leo orbs out) question! I hate it when he does that!

Paige: Lets go home. I’m tired from all this.

Phoebe: Yes, lets go home and call Darryl with an excuse about the state of the city! (Piper smiles)

(Paige orbs them all home)

[Scene: Next morning in kitchen: Paige is on the phone, Phoebe is reading paper and drinking coffee]

Paige: Sorry Brad, I wasn’t listening

Phoebe: That’s a surprise!

Paige: (Rolls her eyes) Yeah, really cool, that’s what I love. A-Huh. Great. 9 o’clock it is then (Puts phone down)

Phoebe: You changed your tune. Make up your mind whether you wanna go out with him. Is it AM or PM?

Paige: Today, it’s PM, then I have time to decide on my shoes

Phoebe: Heeeeheeee (Laughing)

(Piper comes in holding her stomach)

Phoebe: Hi sweetie. You don’t look too good

Paige: Morning sickness?

Phoebe: Baby practicing karate on your organs?

Paige: Or both?

Piper: All the symptoms yes, but to tell you the truth, I think I deserve a cup of coffee right now. (Sits down with coffee)

Paige: What happened on you making pasta from yesterday anyway?

Piper: Microwave?

Paige: Pasta! (A bowl of pasta orbs into her hands and they all laugh)



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