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slika - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

'*The invisible hunters*'

The invisible hunters

Late one saturday afternoon, three brothers left the village of Ulwas on the Coco River in Nicaragua. They were going to hunt wari, the wild pig which is so delicious to eat. After walking an hour through the bush, they heard a voice. "Dar. Dar. Dar.," said the voice. The brothers stopped. They looked around, but there was nobody there. Then they heard the voice again. "Dar. Dar. Dar." The voice came from a vine that was swinging from a tree in front of them.

The first brother grabbed the vine, instantly he disappeared. Then the second brother grabbed the vine and he disappeared. The third brother cried out in fear, "what have you done with my brothers?"
"I have no harmed your brothers," answered the voice, "when they let go of me, you will see them."
The first two brothers let go of the vine, instantly they became visible again. "Who are you?" demanded the brothers in amazement.
"I am Dar," said the voice, "when you hold me, neither human nor animal can see you."

"The brothers quickly understood how the Dar could help them.
"We could snek up at the wari and they wouldnt see us. Then we could kill thdm easily with our sticks."
Each of the brothers wanted a piece of the Dar. They grabbed for it, but the vine swing away from them and disappeared.
"Before you take my power, you must promise to use it well." said the Dar.
"We will promise anything," said the brothers.
"First you must promise never to sell wari meat. You mus give it away. Then, you must promise never to hunt with guns. You must only hunt with sticks."

The brothers had never sold wari meat. They had always given it to the people. They had never hunted with guns, they had always hunted with sticks. They knew no other way.
"We promise," they said.
So the Dar allowed each one of them to take away a small piece of that magic vine. That day, the brothers have great sucess in the hunt. After killing many wari, they hung their pieces of the Dar on the tree and started for home.

The people of Ulwas welcomed the brothers with much rejoicing. They cleaned the animals and hung them above the fire. Soon, the delicious smell of smoking meat reached every house in the village. When the meat was ready, the brothers but it in pieces and shared it with everyone. Never had the people of Ulwas eaten so well. Later that night, the elders of the village asked the brothers how they had killed so many wari. The brothers told them about their promises to Dar.
"This is truly good fortune," said the elders, "we have heard of this vine. It is very old and powerful. As long as you keep your promises, our village will prosper and our people will honour you."

With the help of the Dar, the brothers became famous hunters. Stories about them spread to all the villages along the Coco River and even beyond. One day, a boat carrying two strangers arrived at Ulwas. The strangers greeted the two brothers and gave them presents, bright colored cloth and barrels of wine.
"We have traveled many days to meet such a great hunters," they said.
The brothers invited the men to eat with them. After they had eaten, the strangers told the brothers that they were traders. They had come to buy wari meat.
"We cannot sell the wari," said the brothers, remembering the promise to the Dar. "That is what our people eat."

The traders laughed. "We never expected that such great hunters would be so foolish. Of course your people have to eat. We only want to buy what they dont eat."
The brothers were tempted.
"Maybe we could sell just a little meat," said the first brother."
"But the Dar will know" said the second brother.
The brothers looked at each other nervously. Then the third brother said, "We have seen that the traders are clever men, their power must be greater than the power of the Dar."
The brothers nodded. It would not be wise to displease the traders. So the brothers began to sell the wari. The traders returned many times to the village of Ulmas. Each time they brought more money for the hunters, each time they took away more wari. Soon the brothers were worried that there was not enough wari for the people.

The traders laughed at their worries. "It is your own fault," they said.
"But we have always hunted with sticks."
"That is why you cannot feed your people. You need to kill the wari faster, you need guns."
The brothers talked things over. "If we bought guns, we could kill more wari," said the first brother.
"We could sell to the traders and feed the people too. But what will happen to us?" asked the second brother.
The third brother laughed before he answered. "We will become clever men like the traders."
So the brothers began to hunt with guns. They had completely forgotten their promise to the Dar.

Little by little their hearts turned away from the people. The more meat they brought home, the more they sold to the traders. They were becoming accustomed to the things that money could buy. The elders of the village spoke sternly to the brothers. "You must feed the people, they are hungry."
The brothers answered angrily, "If they want meat, than can pay us for it like traders do!"

But the people had no money. They began to wait for the hunters outside the village. When the hunters returned loaded down with wari,, the people demanded meat.
"Clever men do not give away what they can sell." said the hunters to each other so they gave the people spoiled meat which they could not sell. The people were angry. "Are you no longer our brothers?" they shouted.
The hunters laughed and went an their way. They even pushed aside the elders who tried to reason with them.

Many months passed. One day when the brothers returned to the village, the people did not crowd around them as usual. Instead, they backed away. Some covered their eyes and screamed, others started in disbelief at the strange procession of dead wari moving slowly trough the air. Only the elders understood what had happened. "The Dar has made the hunters invisible," they said it.
It was true. The brothers were invisible. They had left their pieces of Dar at the tree as they always did, but they were still invisible. Something gone wrong. They dropped the animals they were carrying and raced through the bush to the tree.

"What have you done?" they asked the Dar in terror. But the Dar did not answer them. The brothers fell to their knees and begged for help. But the Dar only repeated its name over and over "Dar. Dar. Dar."
Then the brothers realized what terrible things they had done, and they were ashamed, tearfully, they made their way home.

Outside the village the elders are waiting. The brothers pleaded for forgiveness, but the elders did not forgive them. "From this moment on, you are banished from Ulwas." they said, "Never again you will live with us."
The brothers begged the elders for one more chance. "How can we live away from our people?" they cried, but the elders turned their backs on them and walked away. So the invisible hunters left their village forever. They wandered up the Coco River as far as the falls at Carizal. As they wandered, they called ou to the Dar, begging to become visible again.

Some of the people from the Coco River say that the hunters are still wandering after all these years. A few even say that the invisible hunters have passed them in the bush. They know it is true. They say, becouse they have heard voices calling "Dar. Dar. Dar"

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