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SEASON 6 episodes

EPISODE 1&2-Valhalley of the dolls.
Leo has gone missing resulting in Paige and Phoebe becoming worried.Meanwhile Piper is not herself,because she is surprisingly cheerfull.Chris the new Whitelighter is up to something.
EPISODE 3-Forget me...not.
The Cleaners,a group of powerfull fixers empowered by both good and evil,have come to take Wyatt because magic has been exposed.The cleaners are a neutral force that cleans up after normal folks have been exposed to magic.In this case,Wyatt has exposed magic.
EPISODE 4-The power of Three Blondes.
The stillman sisters,a trio of blonde witches,want the Charmed ones powers.They try to trick The Book of Shadows into giving up its secrets,by changing their identities to that of Piper,Phoebe and Paige.
EPISODE 5-Love's a witch.
The Montanas and the Callaways are two magical families that have been feuding for many decades.The uneasy truce between the families is apparently broken on Paige's first day of her new temp job as a home assistant for Grandma Callaway.
EPISODE 6-My three witches.
The demon Gith feeds off desires by creating a vortex that draws his victims into a fantasy world that ultimately kills them.When he tries to take out Piper,she sends Chris to gather her sisters.
EPISODE 7-Soul survivor.
Paige's boss at her new temp job is settling all his affairs because he knows a demon is about to kill him.Paige stops the demon from taking his soul but endangers her sisters.
EPISODE 8-Sword and the city.
The lady of the lake calls for the Charmed ones help via her reflection on any water surface.She asks the Halliwells to protect a magical sword that just happens to be stuck in a stone.
EPISODE 9-Little monsters.
The manticore is a big scary,unstoppable killing machine that eats demons and anything else it can get its claws on.The sisters manage to kill a Manticore but find it left a Manticore baby behind.
EPISODE 10-Chris crossed.
Bianca,a witch assasin storms P3 trying to banish Chris's powers.
EPISODE 11-Witchstock.
An evil slime-beast that feeds on magic is on the loose.Before the sisters can take care of it,Paige is whisked into the past,breaking the Power of Three.
EPISODE 12-Prince Charmed.
A demonic cult thinks Wyatt is the reincarnation of their long lost vanquished leader.They want to snatch him and convert him to evil.
EPISODE 13-Used Karma.
The Swarm demons are the last of the big major threats after Wyatt,but a spell goes awry preventing The Charmed Ones from vanquishing them.
EPISODE 14-The legend of sleepy Halliwell.
The headless horseman is running amok at Magic School and the Charmed ones have to help before the school closes down.
EPISODE 15-I dream of Phoebe.
A demon has imprisoned a genie,who then turns to Phoebe for help.However Jinnie the Genie is not what she appears to be.
EPISODE 16-The courtship of Wyatt's father.
Chris figures out that this is the last possible day that he can be conceived.A Darklighter is trying to preven Chris's birth by attacking and trapping Piper and Leo in a opposite world.
EPISODE 17-Hyde School reunion.
Phoebe's high school reunion goes to hell when an accidental spell goes horribly wrong.
EPISODE 18-Spin City.
A Spider demoness feeds on the most powerfull magical being once in a century.This time she has set her eyes on Piper.
EPISODE 19-Crimes and Witch-demeanors.
The demon Barbas is back,and this time he is testifying in front of a magical council,to have the Charmed ones stripped of their active powers.
EPISODE 20-A wrong day's journey into right.
A demon is consolidating power and plotting to kill the Charmed ones.Problem is,this demon's origins are close to home.
EPISODE 21-Witch wars.
Reality TV takes a turn for evil when a demonic show in which magic wielders get fame and power for taking out witches on camera.The next challenge on Witch Wars is to destroy the Charmed ones.
EPISODE 22&23-It's a bad,bad,bad world.
Gideon,the headmaster of Magic School creates a portal that puts Chris and Leo in a mirrored world where evil prevails.Phoebe and Paige travel to the parallel universe to rescue Chris and Leo,only to find themselves in a battle with their evil counterparts.Upon returning to their real worlds they realise that their world is too good where every offence is capital punishment.Piper gives birth to Chris.

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