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SEASON 5 episodes

EPISODE 1 & 2- A witch's tail.
The Charmed ones are drawn to an innocent mermaid,who is being chased by the sea hag.Determined to save the mermaid,the Charmed ones cast a spell,which then backfires,turning Phoebe into a mermaid as well.
EPISODE 3-Happily ever after.
An evil witch from a fairy tale is determined to become the strongest witch in the world.This means that she must kill the Charmed ones first.Using fairy tale versions she tries to capture Piper,Phoebe and Paige.
EPISODE 4-Siren song.
The Siren,who preys on married men and their wives,puts Cole under a spell to kill Phoebe.Meanwhile the baby within Piper's womb is busy interfering with her active powers.
EPISODE 5-Magic wears a mask.
A teenage male witch uses his powers to bring his sketches to life.To help the Charmed ones stop a powerfull demon,he transforms them into heroines.
EPISODE 6-The eyes have it.
Phoebe seeks advice from a fortune teller,because her premonition powers arn't working at command.Whilst the fortune teller is helping Phoebe,she channels her premonition power which showed the mass murdering of Gypsies.
EPISODE 7-Sympathy for the demon.
The demon Barbus has returned to seek revenge on the Charmed ones.He tricks Paige into casting a spell which gives him the ability to trap them in the manor.Barbas makes the Charmed ones fears come to life.
EPISODE 8-A witch in time.
Phoebe opens a tunnel in time because the angel of death is repeatedly trying to kill her boyfriend.
EPISODE 9-Sam i am.
When Cole realizes that he cannot fight the evil within him,he attacks the Charmed ones,in hope that they will be able to vanquish him forever.Meanwhile Paige gets her first charge which turns out to be her long lost whitelighter father.
EPISODE 10-The mummy's tomb.
The demon,Jeric,tries to use Egyptian charms to find the perfect female body,in order to hold the spirit of his dead lover.He sets his eyes on Phoebe and Paige.
EPISODE 11-The importance of being Phoebe.
After kidnapping Phoebe,Cole uses a shapeshifting demon to assume the identity of Phoebe,as he tries to trick Piper and Paige into selling the manor.
EPISODE 12-Centennial Charmed.
In his twisted attempt to win back Phoebe,Cole becomes an avatar and alters reality by eliminating Paige and destroying the Power of three.
EPISODE 13-Obsessions.
A witch doctor makes a house call to the Charmed ones as they want him to trap all evil spirits.Meanwhile the witch doctor uses Voodoo dolls to lead them down various paths of self destruction.
EPISODE 14-Dreamspell.
A demon kills a sandman and uses his dream dust to make the Charmed ones dreams come to life.
EPISODE 15-Special delivery.
Phoebe and Paige go to a summit meeting with the leaders of evil,because all magic,both good and bad has disappeared.Meanwhile Piper gives birth to her baby and a demon tries to steal him.
EPISODE 16-Baby's first demon.
When Piper's baby is nearly kidnapped by demons,Paige decides to go undercover to a demonic black market.Unfortunately she gets kidnapped and her sisters have to save her.
EPISODE 17-Lucky Charmed.
A demon is busy killing Leprechauns and the Charmed ones decide to help.
EPISODE 18-Cat house.
When Piper and Leo see a marriage counselor to work out their marital problems,Piper casts a spell to help solve their problems faster.The spell backfires,causing Phoebe and Paige to relive their memories.
EPISODE 19-Naughty Nymphs.
A demon kills a satyr in order to drink from the Spring of Life.He however cant do it without Nymphs which are protected by the Charmed ones.
EPISODE 20-Sense and sense ability.
The Charmed ones are weakened when a old Crone steals Piper's sight,Paige's voice and Phoebe's hearing.
EPISODE 21-Necromancing the stone.
When Grams and the Halliwell matriarchs are summoned to bless baby Wyatt,the Necromances attacks as he wants to draw out all their powers.
EPISODE 22 & 23-Oh my Goddess.
The titan Gods are released from the Artic ice by a powerfull demon.The titans were frozen there by the Elders many years ago because they were too powerfull to be vanquished.The Charmed ones are unable to vanquish the Titans using their wiccan powers and have to be transformed into Goddesses.

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