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SEASON 3 episodes

EPISODE 1-The honeymoon's over
At the end of season 2,Piper had gone up with Leo to the elders.Prue and Phoebe havnt heard from Piper in over a month and worry about whether she has abandoned them.Meanwhile the elders dont want Piper and Leo to become a couple.
EPISODE 2-Magic Hour
A sorcerer has turned two lovers into animals by day and night so that they wont be able to love one another.Meanwhile an eclipse is taking place and Piper secretly plans her wedding day so that the elders wont be able to intervene.
EPISODE 3-Once upon a time
Piper is heartbroken when the elders summoned Leo away on her wedding day,and proposes to strike against them.Meanwhile Prue and Phoebe must save a little girl from trolls.
EPISODE 4-All Halliwell's eve
Its all Hallows eve and during a battle between the Charmed ones and demons they are accidentally transported back through time to an era where witches are still burned at the stake.
EPISODE 5-Sight unseen
The manor is burglarized and Prue becomes obsessed in learning more about the triad.Meanwhile the triad sends Cole to kill the Charmed ones.Prue is stalked by a woman wanting to assume her identity.
EPISODE 6-Primrose Empath
When Prue tries to help a man struggling with pain,her spell backfires causing her to feel his pain.It turns out that the man was far from innocent and that he had been cursed to feel all the pain and suffering in the world.
EPISODE 7-Power outage
As Phoebe becomes intimate with Cole,she doesnt realise that he is the demon they're after.Cole acquires the help of a hate demon that causes the Charmed ones to use their powers against one another.
EPISODE 8-Sleuthing with the enemy
Phoebe has a growing suspicion about Cole's true identity and later discovers that he is the demon Balthazar.
EPISODE 9-Coyote Piper
Piper was a geek in high school and 10years later is facing the reunion.Unbeknown to Prue and Phoebe,Piper gets posessed by a spirit.
EPISODE 10-We all scream for ice cream
Prue hears an ice cream truck play a familiar tune and follows it.To her horror she finds 3 children who had all been sucked into the truck.As Phoebe and Piper save the children,they fail to realise that the children are the actual demons,and that a source of good magic trapped them in the truck.
EPISODE 11-Blinded by the Whitelighter
A powerful ancient warlock is killing off good witches and stealing their powers.Vanquishing the demon proves difficult as he can kill whitelighters,deflect their powers and shapeshift.
EPISODE 12-Wrestling with demons
Prue tries to lure a demon,named Tom,whom she dated in college,to the side of good.Phoebe tells Prue that she never really vanquished Cole,which tears their sisterly bond apart.
EPISODE 13-Bride and gloom
A shapeshifting warlock pretends to be Piper and borrows Prue's lipstick in order for a high priestess to use it,to paralyze Prue and make her evil.
EPISODE 14-The good,the bad,and the cursed
When Victor,the girls father,takes Phoebe to a ghost town she sees the ghost figure of an Indian boy named Beau.When Beau is punched by a ghostly cowboy,he falls through Phoebe and becomes spiritually linked to him.
EPISODE 15-Just harried
Whilst Piper is planning her wedding day with Leo,Prue is getting dreams which causes her astral projection to control her life.
EPISODE 16-Death takes a Halliwell
As Prue is taking photos she realises that a strange black shadow is folling a woman.It is up to Prue to save the womans life.Meanwhile an inspector questions Phoebe about Cole's sudden disappearance.
EPISODE 17-Prewitched
Newlyweds,Piper and Leo are ready to move out the manor.The descision reminds the girls of the past when grams was still alive and how their stubborn grandmother was the only thing keeping them together.Piper has second thoughts about moving out.
EPISODE 18-Sin Francisco
A demon uses his power of the 7 deadly sins and infects Phoebe,Piper,Prue and Leo with sins,which corrupt their lives and the power of 3.
EPISODE 19-The demon who came in from the cold
Cole is back in Phoebe's life and is considering giving up his powers for her.As they walk down the street a demon yells something to Cole about the brotherhood.Phoebe vanquishes the demon which turns out to be Cole's brother.
EPISODE 20-Exit strategy
Cole is being held by the brotherhood as they try to lure him back to evil.Meanwhile Phoebe tries to save him.
EPISODE 21-Look who's barking
A Banshee demon who seeks out peoples souls that are in pain,is busy killing people by creating a high pitched scream.Meanwhile Phoebe wants to vanquish Cole and Piper cant control her new powers.Phoebe turns into a Banshee and a spell goes awkward making Prue a dog.
EPISODE 22-All hell breaks loose
The girls save Dr Griffis from a demon named Shafts,however Prue and Piper get injured in the process.Leo heals them and the girls go running after Shafts.When they find him,and try to vanquish him outside on the street,a tv news crew catches them using their powers and exposes them as witches.As Phoebe goes to the underworld to save Cole the media create a mock outside the manos.Leo orbs to the underworld to fetch Phoebe,however Piper gets shot.Unable to hear their call Leo cant heal Piper.The source says
that he'll get a demon named tempest to rewind time under condition that Phoebe remains in the underworld.By rewinding time Piper would be able to return to life and the exposure would disappear.As Phoebe agrees,time is rewinded and Prue and Piper are back at the manor.Shafts attacks killing both Piper and Prue whilst Phoebe is still stuck in the underworld.Shafts kills Dr Griffis and destroys the power of 3.

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