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love sms(100)


100. It takes a lifetime to find the perfect love and it only takes a moment to loose it forever. So if u live someone don't give up because a lost today... is a lost forever...
99.there are times i womder why you came into my life?Maybe just to make me happy or just by destiny. right now i really dont care whatever the reason is, I am just happy you are there for me.
98. I wanna b with u tonight... watch u sleeping& sing your favourite song...I wana b close to u...& whispering your ear sleep now...when you woke up tomorrow i still love you.
97. I made a list of special people in my life. I wrote them in pencil and i included your name but i used permanent ink because i decided to keep you on my list 4ever.
96. One of the nicest things in my life was knowing u and even if i dont have a lot of msgs to send i want u to know how much i treasure you since the day i knew u.
95. Beauty is not love but love is beauty. Break everything but never break a heart because love is music...So play it. But DONT play with it...
94. I love you more today than i did yesterday, but not as much as i will do tomorrow...
93. Take my eyes but let me see u, take my mind but let me thing abt u, take my hand but let me touch u, but plz dont try to take my heart as its already with u...
92. If i could give u one thing in life i would give u the ability to see urself through my eyes, only than u would realize just how special u r to me!
91. Never be afraid to fall in ove, it may hurt a lot, it may give u aches & pains, but if u dont follow ur heart, in the end u will cry even more for not giving love a chance...
90. Guess who misses you 10.000 times. Hmmm! who could it be? What me? No!No!No! I miss you more than that...
89. Life can be hard& not always fun. But as night brings dark& morning brings sun, when life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care, give me a call, i'll always be there!
88. I may not be the one you love the most but remember you will always be the one I love the most! Trust me!
87.Angeles on Earth, Angeles above, plz protect the person I love. Sent with a smile, sealed with a kiss, I madly love the one who is reading this!
86. A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying 2 fix them!
85. If 100%of people love u, make sure i'm one of them, if 99%hate you make sure i'm not the 1%loving you.If 100% hate you, make sure i'm dead!
84.Do you want to know what the word FUCK means? F-forever love you; U-unhappy without you; C-care about you; K-kiss you so FUCK you, my dear.
83. A star felt on Earth and asked me what i want: a million dolars or a sweet friend? I have choose a million dolars, because i already have you.
82. If u wanna know how much i love u, try to catch rain drops. The ones u catch is how much u love me and the ones u miss is how much i love u.
81. R: is for red. RED: is for blood. BLOOD: is for heart. HEART: is for love. LOVE: is for you. YOU: is for me. ME: is for you.
80. Life teaches u to Smile, but it also teaches u to Cry. It may be ironical but it is reality. You can't know the value of Smile until u Cry.
79. I don't care how many Lips u've kissed, how many shoulders u've embraced and how many times u've said I LOVE YOU. All i care is not to be the first but to be the Last.
78. Cheerful people are like sunlight, they shine into the corner of the heart & offer bright morning with hopes. Good morning to one such person.
77. I don't regret the things i've done & the things i didn't do. For somewhere along the way, i must have done something rght because i ended up with you.
76. Sky is for You, Land is for Me, Air is for You, Water is for Me, Smile is for You, Happiness is for Me, Love is for You, Friendship is for Me. World is for You, but You are for Me...
75. A friend is someone who sees the first tear in ur eyes, hold the second one & make sure that the third one doesn't even think of coming out.
74. Frienship is just like war, Easy to Start, Difficult to End& impossible to forget. So i'm having a war with you and i hope u don't want Peace.
73. When u r Sad, i'm Lonely, When u r Happy, i'm Glad. Remember whatever u feel i feel it twice. So it u feel u miss me, Hello! I miss u more!
72. The world is round,we'll meet again. When we'll meet i'll ask 'How are you?' And i truly hope that you wont ask 'Who are you?'
71. I dont expect to be the most important person in your life, thats too much to ask for. I'll just be happy if one day whenever u hear my name, u smile& say... Hey: Thats my friend!
70. You say RUN, i ask HOW FAR? you say SWIM, i ask HOW DEEP? You say JUMP, i ask HOW HIGH, but if say GO AWAY, i'll say NO WAY, u r my Best Friend& i want to STAY!!!
69. The sky is full of Golden Stars,Shinning in the light of the Moon. But the most beautiful light i see it in ur eyes!
68. What is great love? Its when u hide your tears&still care for her, its when she ignores you & ustill love her. Its when she loves someone else &u still smile for her.
67. Every one wants to be the Sun& bring brightness into your life. But I want to be the Moon & give you light in the darkest moment of your life!
66. Last night while thinking of you, my one tear rolled out. I ask why are u out? Tear replied, there is some1 so beautiful inside, so there is no place for me!
65. Somewhere in ur heart try to find a place 4 me, i don't care where it would be. One litlle corner may not mean so much to you, but one litlle corner is all i ask to you!
64. Call me when u r sad, when u need some1 to listen & when u cant find any1 who will. I dont care i'm ur last option, I just dont want to cry alone!
63. When the door of happiness closes, another1 opens. But oftentimes we look so long at the closed door that we dont see the one which has been opened for us!
62. You r an Angel, an Angel on Earth. Your wings were taken & send to Earth, I know u loved those wings but if u still had them, You would not be here & I wouldn't b with You!
61. Don't place me in your eyes, i may fall as a tear. Place me in your heart so that every beat reminds you that a sweet friend is there for you.
60. There is a reason 2 smile, reason 2 cry, reason 2 be happy & a reason 2 smile. If you can't find a reason to smile, may i be your reason for a while? :)
59. When nights are long and friends are few i sit alone and think at you, with a lovely heart and a silent tear, iall i wish is you to be here!
58. Make a heart which never breaks. Make a smile which never hurts. Make a life which never pains. Make a relationship which never ends!
57. Always be happy, always wear a smile, not because life its full of reasons to smile but because your smile itself is a reason for someone, somewhere to smile!
56. 1 rose exclusively 4 a nice person like u from an ever nice person like me. Keep the rose until it dry... Keep my relationship until i dye!
55. Meeting u was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control!
54. If the day comes when i die, and go up in the sky, as i am there so far i'll write yor name on every star, so u look up and see, how much u realy mean to me!
53. Adio de acum iti spun... de-acum nu-ti voi mai fii o piedica in drum... destul am plans... destul am tanguit... ca sa constat ca tu nu m-ai iubit...
52. In noapte stau si plang... La inima ta nu pot sa ajung... Plang si as vrea sa-ti spun... Sa te intorci din drum... Dar simt ca-i prea tarziu acum...
51. Ai inchis marea in ochi si soarele-n suflet ca ma topesc de cate ori ma atingi, si ma-nfior de cate ori ma privesti, te iubesc si n-o sa renunt niciodata la tine...
50. Sunt doar o lacrima care cade... si nu e nimeni sa aiba grija de mine... voi fi stearsa, lasata sa cad... Ce se va intampla cu mine?
49. Te vad printre stele, ochii tai sclipesc ca ele, tu esti soarele si luna, bucuria vietii mele, de-as avea puterea sa privesc in ochii tai si sa-ti spun ca TE IUBESC, crede-ma ca nu glumesc.
48. Daca inima te lasa la mine sa te gandesti, trimite-mi macar un mesaj ca sa vad ca ma iubesti...
47. Dragostea e speranta si fara speranta lumea nu ar exista...
46. Te vad adormind pe nisipul de frunze, esti ca o muza ce ma prinde in panze. Te pierd si ma pierd cand esti doar a mea, esti ingerul pe care il voi iubi mereu!
45. In razele de soare, eu stau si te privesc, esti diamantul care ma face sa iubesc, iar in lumina calda cu tine ma topesc, as vrea sa ca niciodata sa nu ma mai trezesc!
44. Nu plange ca s-a terminat ci zambeste ca s-a intamplat!
43. Nu rupe firul unei prietenii caci daca il legi din nou, nodul ramane...
42. Un cer albastru fara nori / In calea ta sa fie / Sa ai in fata numai flori / Succes si bucurie .
41. Oricat de speciale ar fi cuvintele , nici macar nu pot sa inceapa sa-ti spuna despre toata dragostea pe care ti-o port in suflet.
40. Un trandafir as vrea sa fiu, sa te sarut printre petale, somnul sa ti-l veghez pana tarziu, ca sa te simti si tu ca o floare.
39. Primavara aceasta imi indreapta gandurile catre tine si simt ca trebuie sa-ti mai spun inca o data "TE IUBESC"!
38. Multe zile si nopti fara tine... Imi spui ca pleci si-apoi te-ntorci la mine ... Iti place sa te joci, si nu e bine... Te rog nu ma mai chinui iubire...
37. Cortina uitarii nu va cadea niciodata peste minunatul decor al prietenie sincere chiar daca scena a luat sfarsit.
36. Mi-au eliberat certificatul medical si mi-au spus ca sufar de iubire acuta. Mi-au recomandat caldura corporala si anestezie pe baza de sarut... Ce zici ma ajuti sa urmez tratamentul?
35. Inima mea este ca un templu: intri, te rogi si daca merita ramai. Tu nu ai intrat, nici nu te-ai rugat si totusi ai ramas... oare de ce?
34. Spune-mi unde esti sa stiu unde sa caut! Spune-mi ce visezi sa stiu ce sa iti dau! Spune-mi pe cine iti doresti sa stiu cine trebuie sa fiu! Spune-mi ca ma iubesti!
33. Un trandafir as vrea sa fiu, sa te sarut printre petale, somnul sa ti-l veghez pana tarziu, ca sa te simti si tu ca o floare.
32. Dragoastea este ca atunci cand stai pe cimentul moale: chiar daca pleci urmele-ti raman acolo...
31. E greu sa mergi pe culmea vietii cu inima pustie, e greu sa suferi in tacere si nimeni sa nu stie..
30. Mi te-ai lipit de suflet ca timbrul de scrisoare si nu te pot desprinde caci inima ma doare.
29. Ai aparut in viata mea facand din ea un vis din care nu vreau sa ma mai trezesc.
28. Sunt innebunit dupa tine dar imi e teama sa iti spun... Te visez noapte de noapte dar am uitat sa iti spun... Te vrea doar pe tine.
27. Pot sa iti spun astazi ca te iubesc? Daca nu pot sa-ti spun maine? Dar poimaine? Pentru ca te voi iubi in fiecare zi din viata mea!
26.Tu esti visul meu... unicul meu vis... as vrea sa te atrag in valtoarea pasiunii,sa te strang asa de tare incat EU si TU sa devenim un singur suflet.
25.Tu esti viata mea, ziua nu are rost fara dragostea ta, cand te-am vazut am stiut ca dragostea inca o victima a mai facut!
24. Cauta in sufletul meu pacea, cauta iubirea, pasiunea, tandretea, cauta implinirea... cauta si te vei regasi acolo, foarte aproape de inima mea...
23. Mi-e frica sa merg cu masina atunci cand sunt cu tine pentru ca atunci cand sunt cu tine sunt beat de fericire si ar putea sa imi ia permisul.
22. Ti-as da ...
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