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amycharlotteormebycoc - Newest pictures


. . .

Ok so..I get curious sometimes..about the way you guys look n sound.. and I appreciate that not everyone wants to post their pics online, or swap phone numbers so I can call n harass you ;)
So this is just a bit of fun - and I want honest answers only please! Name someone (obviously well known/famous/celebrity) that you believe you look like and/or sound like (yes you can list more than one person) to give us all an idea of who we are 'listening' to when we chat.. If you can't think of someone yourself...ask those who know you well to give you some ideas...
In the past I have been likened to some very very different people - I guess everyone sees things from a different perspective! But seriously - do I look like Mariah Carey?! (I got told that in a pub once! The same night someone likened me to Charlotte Church!) I wish I had their voices! lol.. Another one has been Amy Lee...but as you can all see, I don't think I look anything like her..and again, wish I had her amazing voice!
So...leave your comments below...who have you been likened to vocally or physically, or how do you see/hear yourself? :)
mr potato head me! . . . . bin told i luk lyk micky dolenz frm the monkeys and evn patrick swayze wen my hair is longer. . . . as 4 sound a lyk. . . . del boy bt deeper. i gt a cockney twang.
09.04.2010 17:46 EDT,
Um i dnt look like a famous person. Oh no wait that chick frm ugly betty i think lmao. And i sound like a scratched cd hahaha. Mark loves it tho lol.
21.03.2010 22:30 EDT,
I geuss im on the 1 on the left, all tho Kristin can say how i look.. O but she wont cos im a fat lawless bitch. Haha! Yea u got verbal diareah, but u funny, n i like funny weird ppl hehe. Pm me ur numba n il keep n contact kristine..mwa
20.03.2010 14:12 EDT,
I meant she kind of has a horses mouth! Lol. I need sleep.
18.03.2010 04:56 EDT,
I've been told I look like Piper Perabo! I think she kind of a horses mouth, and i most certainly don't! but the rest of her is pretty hot! Lol. I don't think i sound like anyone though!
18.03.2010 04:55 EDT,
I've been told i look like that kid (who did that end song) from School of Rock? and i sound like Jigsaw from Saw too...........weird hehe :D
17.03.2010 19:05 EDT,
Well ma pix r on my site, n i dont think i resemble any1 famous, and i've bn told i sound sweet, wtf does that even mean? I ask with tears in ma eyez... So i'm just me, unfamously, n unrecognisably ME ;-p
17.03.2010 14:24 EDT,
o o umm ï don know mayb mz piggy From the mupet show ? kermie wud U Sing me a Lil song . lmao wot Do U Think Madam CoC we've spoken . . I'd put U Down 4 Lilly Allen :)
17.03.2010 03:23 EDT,
Fubar said I sound like Dolly Parton, and I sooo don't!! I sound like Jessica Simpson, (my sister looks like her) speaking voice not singing. Annnnd I've heard from several ppl (including VampireGoddess) that I look like Jeanie Francis?? The actress who played Laura on general hospital and played Diane on Days of our lives. Crazy huh?
16.03.2010 22:49 EDT,
No point in me saying Vocally because ya'll wouldnt get it. Physically. . . I've been told I look like Dimebag Darryl which. . . -Shrugs- Compliment or not? You decide. Oh. . . And Dimebag pre shot in the face I may add. . . .
16.03.2010 22:49 EDT,
LMFAO!! ummm . . well, i sound lyk a robot lmao, as for look?? ummm . . . i think i don't look like anybody. the closest i'd say, because of my pout <><> (that was lipz, btw) ...maybe angelina jolie, in a strange, blonde, ugly way?? lmfao! idk, i'm unique :)
16.03.2010 22:48 EDT,

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