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>> mApS <<

~ ISAIAH 30:21, dec. 17-22 ~

n0-U-turn...always straight ahead... my daily quest...

For me,the best part of a TRiP is always getting there...

but s0metimes i d0nt kn0w where am i g0ing? which way and directi0n im going to take?... there's always an " 0R "...

In sch they taught us on h0w to read MAPS. it is very excting, marking every p0ints of directi0n and its milest0ne. there is a l0ng but narr0w r0ads, sh0rt but br0ad r0ads, cr0ssr0ads, det0urs, landmarks and r0ad signs.

I get excited when my teacher asked me to p0int out which way she wanted me to navigate. I also, made up a map on my way h0me, which i f0ndly marks off where i went and st0pped by. its landmark had to be rightly placed. it helped me see h0w much farther i have to go.

That's my QUEST OF LIFE, is just like a MAP. it is n0t an easy task, theres always an easy det0ur,cr0ssr0ads, l0ng but narr0w r0ads, sh0rt and br0ad r0ads, landmarks and r0ad signs every step of the way, s0metime i get c0nfuse where and what to do..but there is always a R0AD SIGN if im unsure of my directi0ns and to find my way thr0ugh.

my G0ALS is my MAPS, my TASK is my directi0ns, my HARDSHIP & FRUSTRATI0N are my det0urs, cr0ssr0ads, l0ng but narr0w r0ads sometimes with humps, my EXPERIENCES, MY BELIEFS, AND MY FAITH in G0D are my r0ad signs and landmarks and my TRIUMPS is my distinati0n... A map which i conceal in me, help me navigate exactly where im going and h0w to get there.

>> i kn0w that n0 matter what lies ahead, today and tom0rr0w, i am safe and secure c0z i have my guide and my map to keeps me g0ing...its my quest, its an adventure, a j0urney never end...<<
Did it occur to you that even though we have our own maps and guides we still want,more often than not shortcuts and roads with a better view than others rather than those long and tortuos roads regardless of signs? We in reality wants to go where fortune and fame has the shortest routes regardless of signs,and thats whats disappointing..Disregarding signs even though its there..See how absurd the human nature can be sometimes? But i hope people consider those signs in their maps
06.03.2007 03:13 EST,

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