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=>Do Not Fear-Do Not Regret!

Do Not Fear-Do Not Regret!
[Bu Yao Pa, Bu Hou Hui]

Once upon a time, in a remote village, lived a young man who had a wish to travel down town to have a better life. Upon leavin', he encountered fear, worry, and doubt. To encourage his intention to leave the village, he went to see one of the elderly figures in the village, both to say goodbye and seek for guidance. Having heard his intention, the elderly happily said, "My son, this life's secret only consist of six words. And today i'll only give you half of them." And then he wrote down three words, "Bu Yao Pa", meanin, DO NOT FEAR!

Time passed quickly, 3o years had passed. The young man had come down with the ups and downs of life. By having these 3 wise words "DO NOT FEAR", he faced all chances as well as challenges bravely. Through that kind of magnificent mentalily, he did change his destiny. Then he turned into one of the most successful and honorable citizens in the country.

Yet, with all the success he already had, he still felt there was something imperfect and he came down to regret why he couldn't solve it. He tried hard to work it out, but his mind got even more messed up and unfocused. In the doubtful condition, he remembered the elderly who had given him the three wise words."Didn't he still have the rest of the three words that he promised to give out to me?"
And then he decided to go back to his village to see the elderly man to ask for remaining three words. Unfortunately, as he got there he found the wise man had passed away. However, there was a letter addresed to him. Apparently the old man had predicted that one day he would come back. He ripped the letter as fast as he could and there were the rest of the three words that he was looking for there: Bu Hou Hui, meaning DO NOT REGRET!

As soon as he saw those words, spontaneously all the regrets that had been hovering him disappeared. He felt so relieved and happy immediately.

What powerful and meaningful six words we ever have, DO NOT FEAR and DO NOT REGRET. Without any exclusion, all of us, you and I, need these six wise words. They carry a motivational spirit that can energize us to act, no fear to have a high dream, no fear to try and start! No fear to face challenges!! No fear to work hard! No fear to bear a big responsibility!!!
Regret won't change anything, on the contrary, it will only burden and block our steps forward.

>>"Don't be afraid to try! Don't be afraid to start! If you have fought your best, whatever the result is, the fighting spirit itselft has the success value in it! Never Regret!


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