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=>The Power Of Love*

The Power Of Love

As the story goes, a young beautiful woman was just married a man she loved dearly. After the marriage, this woman lived together with her mother-in-law. Then, there were so many mishaps and unfitting behaviors and views between the two ladies in the house. The mother-in-law somehow always managed to find flaws in almost everything that her daughter-in-law did. Sharp comments, criticisms and all sorts of sarcasms were constantly flowing from the mother-in-law's mouth. Debate almost took place everyday. Unfortunately, the husband couldn't do much to improve the situation.

The daughter-in-law seemed unable to sustain Her anger anymore. Day to day, taking revenge was poisoning her mind and thoughts. And thus she went to look for his father's best friend who was a medicine seller. She told him all about her sadness and grieves in tears, "And thats why uncle you have to help me in this case, please prescribe a strong dose of poison so that I can have my revenge towards my mother-in-law." After a careful thinking, finally the uncle smiled wisely and answered, "I will give you the poisonous powder under one condition that you will do exactly as I say." The woman agreed.

And then the uncle gave her a full pocket of powder. "My dear, to get rid of your mother-in-law, don't use a quick reactive poison. People around you will be very suspicious of her sudden dying. They will directly be able to point their fingers to you. Therefore, I am giving you a slow reactive poison but sure. Mix a little bit of it every now and then into your mom's meals. And remember, you have to cook the meal yourself," said the medicine seller.

Before she left, the medicine seller added up, "Just to make sure that people won't be suspicious later on, you need to treat your mother-in-law better in days to come, by doing so people won't raise any questions about her death. Treat her with love, respect and show your big heart by not arguing, just giving in to her. Treat your mother-in-law as if she were your own mother."
With such a happier light heart, the woman went home, she obeyed and did whatever the uncle said. Everyday, she spoilt her mother-in-law by cooking all her favorite dishes and served her with all respect and compassion. Without realizing four months had passed, and a big change took place. Being treated with such respect and affection, the mother-in-law was touched and changed her behavior towards her. Things turned around, she started to treat her daughter-in-law as her own one and loved her more and more each day. In the presence of her friends, she complimented and spoke highly of her daughter-in-law's nobility and compassion

Seeing the changes in her mother-in-law's, abruptly the daughter rushed to see the uncle; "Please uncle, give me the antidote to the poison than you gave me sometime ago. After doing what you told me, now my mother-in-law has treated me so well and full of love. I also start loving her. I don't want her die from the poison that I gave her everyday."
The uncle just smiled and answered; "My dear, don't worry. The powder that I gave you was not poison at all. It actually was tonic to enhance body strength instead." She was dumb founded. "So the real poison actually is what dwells in your head, your attitudes towards your mother-in-law. And now all of those poisons have been wiped away by love and affection that you have showered her."

The story above has taught us of how incredible the power of love or the power of affection tender loving care can be. Love and affection bring about care, sincerity, and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Love and affection can release us from the strong grip of misunderstanding, bring down the wall of coldness, soften the stubbornness and mellow down hatreds. If all of us are willing to give love and affection towards people around us day by day, then life is worth livin' for.

"Love and attention is power! If all of us are willing to share love and attention towards people around us, then life will be happier and more meaningful."


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