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=> Who Am I ? - Topic

Yep! Sometimes any people that unknow for "How", "Who", about them self. Yap., for search and expand your self potential, you're must be know about yourself first. Cause if you can identify yourself more, you can get a big more chance for grow up your potential too, and then reach for success.

Okay., c'mon to dive on the follow points, with to deep feel and acuteness logic. And of course-Be honest to yourself.

..You are what you think..
Its mean, you can know your self with see your the way of think and your ways when clear problems. Theres a person who has narrow-minded, that see a problem from one side only. Peoples like that, usually inclined to do obstinately, cz they're, once more, only see their problem at the side's one. And on the contrary, for they who can see a problem with side's more; they're have a wide corner of sight. So, take closer for your think of way, nd may you can be know yourself more.

..You are what you read..
Like meals, everyone has difference appetite for reading book. Hmmph.., if you prefer read porn's book, yeah u know how yourself are. On the contrary, if you like read melancholic novels, easily guess, that you are a sensitive person. And then for people was very fond of reading to adventure stories, usually has high imagination power. Okay check out your appetite

..You are what you dream..
What is your big dream in life?
To be an astronaut, a pilot, a doctor or a teacher with a small salary? Or you had never dream at all? No problem. Dream inside not 100% for meant of dream, but to the expectation more. And what your wish is, few/more, reflect your characteristic. Believe or not., but try to check out the leaders list, most of they are persons who have egoist and high self trust

..You are what you say, what you do, and what other say about you..
At the last point maybe that can 'most trusted', to answer who you are. It means: you are what you say-everything that you can say mean to your opinion about something. Like a wise says that "There's a difference assumption in a difference head", its mean; an opinion reflects a human's character and an other human's opinion reflects her/his knowledge stage. For they who accept the real fact of other opinion are peoples with their open mind/heart, while for persons who defend on their opinion, althought they're know that its wrong, include to a conservative's human. What you say and what you do, will to estimate by your friend, and for this estimation when they're conscious or unconsious, can speak out from your friend's lips. And in a big possibility, those all can truly about yourself.

Okay boys and girls, lets your think+heartfully to see yourself. Be honesty, get success.


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