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Hi & Hello My name is Chitra, this is my true story how I became a sexy bitch. Let me tell about myself. I am 5.7 in height, around 120 lbs in weight, fair complex with black hair and 38-24-34 in shape. Since being from a middle class family background as a young girl I used to fantasies about rich and sexy life but only in my room. Things changed when one of my brother moved to our city. He is rich, married, has a business of his own and travels lot due to his business. So, he decided to move close to our house so that we can be in need if his wife needs any help. His wife is also very sexy to look and well build. Her name is Sandhya (Anni).

She is 5.9 in height and approximately 36-26-36 in shape. She is fair and she wears mostly sarees and low neck blouse on them. She has a commanding voice and a type of laugh on her face every time, which makes her sexier. We both became friends in a short period of time and I used to visit often to her house. Once when her husband was not in town, I went to her house and saw her with her friend. They both were kissing each other and having sex. I was hiding and seeing, She saw me seeing that and Seeing them something happened in me so I just walked away from that place. After that day, I was trying to avoid her but she due to fear that I may say someone about what I saw, she tried to be more close to me and she started to explain and convince me saying that even if I was her even I would do the same.

I started to ignore the past and became close to her again. From that day onwards her treatment towards me has changed, her intentions were to change me also like her. As, she knows our financial background she showed what money can do. She was slowly trying to seduced me the power of money by taking me to clubs and dance parties with her friends. When ever we both meet she used to talk about her sex life with her husband and her boyfriend and gifts given to her by her boyfriend, his name was kalyan. Seeing my desire she used to make small bets, if I win the bet or do a favor to her she use d to give me money, dresses and nice presents. As days passes by or in months I slowly became her, her bets became more naughty things and I became more naughty too, I used to do anything for money.

We used to play cards and looser of each game should remove their clothes one by one. Initially I used to win but later I enjoyed loosing. Most nights, we used to sleep naked and masturbating each other using the vibrator. We used to suck each others nipples and sleep in 69 position and suck each others pussy. We used to watch adult movies and she some times makes me do like the girls in the movies. She makes me dance like Demi Moore in Strip Dancer movie and sticks money in my panty. She sometimes plays like my mistress and I play as her slave and She used to dominate me and I used to like that. She buys sexy clothes and makes me wear sexy clothes, initially I feel uncomfortable to wear but later I enjoyed showing myself. Sometimes, When we go in the car, she bets me to strip of the clothes.

As days passed I started to think like a call girl or a prostitute always thinking of sex. This continued for some time. I became so naughty bitch that, when her husband was in town I used to become uncontrollable because I cant meet her. Once when her husband was not in town, she called me and her boy friend. They both were having sex in front of me and I was watching. She was kind of ignoring me and after some time I became uncontrollable. In the night, he left and I told to her that even I want to have sex, hearing that she started to laugh like anything and told me this is what she is waiting to hear from me. She told me to beg that I want to have sex. She gave me all possible strange punishments and I did whatever she said. She told me to strip of my clothes and catch my nipples and beg "I am a sexy, bitch and a prostitute and want to have sex, please fuck me".

From that day onwards, she made me a point that I am her slave and I should do what ever she says and then she will give me what I want. From that day on wards I became a real sexy bitch and a prostitute. I was told to wear only a bikini and panty in her house. As she said I used to be her slave and do what ever she says and even she kept her promise. Next day she arranged a party and called kalyan and me. She told to me to wear my dress (bikini). Kalyan bought some wine, they both were having wine and initially they both played with me by treating me as a bondage girl and later he pushed his hard dick into my mouth and I started to suck which never ended today.

When ever he comes, she makes me act like a prostitute or striper and I dance sexily for sometime and later have sex. Sandhya did not every let me have full sex with Kalyan as she was planning for something big. I became so sexy and bitchy that I was ready to do anything for sex. Sandhya's last plan to make me a real whore and a bitch was, once sandhya planned a picnic, she requested my dad that she needs to go to a marriage and she took me with her. We went to Kalyan's house where 4 friends of Kalyan joined and went to a farm house. The farm house belongs to one of his friend. As this was already set up by Kalyan and Sandhya, Kalyan interdicted Sandhya as his personnel girlfriend and me as a friend to you all for the next 3 days. The trip was for three nights and four days and we went in an van. we reached to the farm house around 3 in the evening, on the way we collected some wine, beer and food.

As soon as we reached, they started to have beer, and anni gave me a beer and a rajasthani dress (a blouse and a bottom). I went inside and wored the dress. The dress was great, my entire back was open with only few string tied and bottom was like a skirt. She dressed me like a bitch. Then I came out of the room, as soon as I came everyone were stunned seeing me. Slowly, the atmosphere changed as Kalyan told everyone here is the slave bid who all wants to have her. The bid ended with Rs.1000 per day. anniji told me to dance for all of us and I started to dance, shaking my hip and other parts. As, alcohol started to work on them they started to work on me. One by one, started to dance, moved close to me and started to pull me, squeeze me, kiss me and stripe me while Sandhya and Kalyan watched for some time till they strip off me clothes and then they went to their room.

My real night started that night, one started to pierce into my pussy, one started to push into my mouth and one started to pierce his dick into my back and one was waiting for a turn. I can feel eight hands on my body squeezing and rubbing. Turn by turn, all the four fucked me all over that night and complete trip. Some times one, or sometimes all the four used to pounce on me. In the end everyone use to piss on me and wash me and again fuck me. I washed everyone’s body and everyone washed my body. Thru out the entire trip, I almost wore nothing as soon as I wear something someone used to pull it of me or tear it off. I was fucked almost everywhere in the house and outside in the farm. By third day, when their dick started to pain, they used vibrator to fuck me. I was only mourning with pain for the entire trip. Sandhya was enjoying watching me fucked by these guys for the three days.

When time came to go, we packed back in the van. These guys didn't even leave me alone in the van. I again weared something on my body when I reached Sandhya's house. After reaching Sandhya's house I took shower and then relaxed for a while. Sandhya gave me Rs.6000 and said here is you share. For that day, she used to call kalyan's friends to home or send me with them. Ultimately Sandhya made me as she wants. As good things don’t stay for long, things changed when her husband came to know about her activities. He saw few digital photos of mine taken by her wife. But, they both, husband and wife got compromised by she letting her husband having sex with me and that is totally a different experience, which is happening even now which I will let you all know later. You can send your comments on

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