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MòbILé hInTz n tIpZ

Here are listed sum codez for your nokia if u have any tips go add them in add text at the bottom. a

If u have a nokia with v4.50 software or later {2 find out your version on da main screen type *#0000# n your version will appear} and u cant send ringtones that u have recieved then SAVE it again aut put a dollar sign {$} at the begining of da tone name and
Save it. U can sen da tone now u can change it bak 2 da orignal name n still sen it
Delivery reportz on genie. Ta get delivery reportz enter *0# at da start of a text msg put a space then type ur msg as normal.
*#61# (send) will check your v.mail status on n e network
*#1919# (send) this shud give u free callz but it aint workin fa me if it workz fa u let me no n it n tell me how new your sim iz
*#777890*# or just end it wiv # iz supposed ta take u ta a private menu now dis dont work on all nokiaÊ´s if it workz fa u plz e-mail me n let me no wot it does thanx
*#66705646# will clear the opeatour logo frm your nokia
Enter ###765*02# this will interfer wiv your fonez fw version/level your fone will not make n e visual changes.
Enter *3370# 2improve your signal quality also gives u better (efr) and #3370# to deactivate it!
*#0000# will tell u ur nokia softwear vision 4ur pc!
2find out if ur sim card has n e restrictionz enter this code #PW+1234567890+#
ta restore factory settingz enter *#7780# this will restore factory settingz
want ur IMEI number enter *#06# this will help u stop dem idiot children frm teffin ur fone n gettin away frm police
Special menu fa ur nokia jus simply put this on the logo screen on ur fone *#92702689#
Want a bit more battery life enter this code *#4720# this will not work on all nokias
Wana save a bit of credit enter this code *#746025625# it slowz dwn ur clock on call duration

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