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Kyanite is found in various colours, blue-white, pink, green, yellow, gray and black. It is a striated, bladed crystal that can be clear or opaque and pearlised. Readily available but geting rarer as this beutiful crystal can only be found in brazil. Kyanite is exelent for attunement and meditation. It is tranquilizing and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and intuition.This crystal can connect us with our spirit guides and instils compassion. Kyanite aids dream recall and promotes healing dreams it is helpful for those making the transition through death. Kyanite instantly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies clearing the pathways and meridians. As kyanite does not hold negative energy it never needs cleansing.
Psycologically, kyanite encourages speaking one´s truth, cutting through fears and blockages. By opening the throat chakra this stone encourages self expression and communication. It cuts through ignorances and opens to spiritual and psycological truth. Kyanite slices through confusion and opens the mind and allows one to think clearly, laterally and logically it stimulates the higher mind and links it in at the causal level. Spiritualy it allows us to detatch from the idea of blind fate and helps us see the part the individual plays in their own destiny. Physically kyanite treats muscular disorders, fevers, the urogenital system, thyroid and parathyroid, adrenal glands, throat and brain. A natural pain reliever, it lowers blood pressure and heals infections. It can release exess weight, supports the cerebellum
motor responses of the body. Kyanite helps to ballance yin-yang energy. Wear as a pendant between navel and heart. The following colours have these additional properties: Blue- strenthens voice and heals throat and larynx. Useful for performers or public speakers. Black- grounds the body when aligning the chakras and during or after meditation. WARNING! Never get Kyanite wet especially with salt water! It is friable and will deteriorate or degrade if not treated with care, Kyanite can be fragile, brittle and sharp!

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