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Fatal 4 way (CW title) <ENDED>

Fatal 4 Way match for the CW title.
Vaibhav(The game) vs Jay orton vs Dementor vs XPAC
REF- What a fantastic match. Both of them gave excellent comments and the comments were really good but after so much thinking and reading comments I declare Jay orton winner via most and best comments here. Vaibhav no need to get sad as nobody attended IC title match so you are the new IC champion. And XPAC for you I will decide something soon. Now all of you go in Cut a Promo and answer question of the week!
ICu to dementor and i hit a BIONIC STUNNER to jay and A DREAM STREET to end vaibhav. Hahaha a SPINNARONNI AS A SIGN OF AWESOME
04.12.2011 08:10 EST,
I pick dementor and hit a powerful suplex then a sitdown drop and i sent vaibhav out of the ring with a BASEBALL DROP KICK. Jay get a hold of my head but i put him out with a CROSSRHODES
04.12.2011 08:06 EST,
then i went on top rope and hit missile dropkick when ur working hand 2 wake up but fail so i again help u 2 wake up n irished whipped towards turnbuckle followe by running corner shining that youre nose started 2 bleeding
04.12.2011 08:05 EST,
ur wait is over jay and hope u will too as i gave standing drop kick then i grab ur hand and gave u arm breaker
04.12.2011 08:02 EST,
I go to the top rope and cross body everybody the i pick vaibhav and throw him outside a DDT to jay and a drop kick to Dementor.
04.12.2011 08:01 EST,
now i gave jay nat slam then i wait for him at behind when he just waking up i execute him in twist of fate
04.12.2011 08:00 EST,
I counter ur cross rhodes to hit a cobra to u then u fall down very badly i nailed u with five knuckle suffle
04.12.2011 08:00 EST,
I counter ur hurican rana to hold ur whole body and hit u a tomstone piledriver then counter ur axekick to hit u a rko then locked u in hells gate
04.12.2011 07:58 EST,
i moved away from top splash as u crash it on ring and i come side of you gave cripler cross rhodes
04.12.2011 07:58 EST,
After that i grab ur hand very badly and climb the top turn buckle and hit u a old school i counter ur rko to locked u in master lock then when u r going in unconciusness i nailed u with skull crushing finale and this time i broke ur the wall's of jericho to hit 3 leg shot on ur skull
04.12.2011 07:56 EST,
now i hit him with huricana then exekick on jay now i call from pin1 2 3
04.12.2011 07:56 EST,
i counter youre irish crush then i hit him with rko the vaibhav lock followe by GTS
04.12.2011 07:55 EST,
REF- Nobody came in this IC title match so now the IC title will be given to the looser of fatal 4 way match.
04.12.2011 07:54 EST,
i counter you body back drop onto rko and antorslam onto world strongest slam now it,s time for pin i pin u 1 2 on gosh hey refree what are you doing ya now lock jay with jerico wall and he tape out
04.12.2011 07:53 EST,
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