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cw title - Newest pictures

RAW Fatal four Way match <ENDED>

This is the Fatal four way match for the WWE Attitude Title.

Prabhat Hardy vs Jay Orton vs ZR vs Swap Lesnar

TLC Match

REF- You both were fighting good but Swap used a Sledgehammer that is not allowed in TLC matches so winner- Jay via disqualification. Dont worry Swap you are getting rematch on next raw.
Then i setup couple of ladders closer.. After that i took lesner to top of that i put his head in one top of ladder n the body in the other top of ladder.. N then exevcute the conchairto on top of ladder.... Just freaking. Then end this movest with a sunsetflip powerbomb through a table to lesner. Bye bye the game is over bro.
08.01.2012 07:55 EST,
jay orton you think i am new roster so you win easily that match but that's not happen budy then i nailed him with jack hammer on the guard wall completly damaging his spine then i took a kendo stick and furiously hit 2 him 5-6 times and execute mic check with the help of kendo stick after that i bring him towards the steel steps again this time i banged his face to it b several times then i asked the crowd who wants see the batista bomb give me hell ya!! crowd said ya so thumbs down to him then i nailed him on that steel step hurt with the batista bomb paramedics are running swap lesnar as hi...
08.01.2012 07:52 EST,
then i took ur body on the top turnbuckle and nailed u with super kick then u r going in coma i took a table and placed it on the ring and then i also climb on the turn buckle and execute u with c4 on the table from the top turn buckle.
08.01.2012 07:52 EST,
lol b4u could attemp swagger bomb i kicked ur mid-section n guess what? i hit future shock d.d.t. on dat extreme chair no any female and children want see this scence is to hurt annihalting man ever and ur batista bomb got screved into the west coast pop hell yeah!! and dat steel step that u was planning n me i hit milliting press slam on that steel step .after that i bring the extreme steel chair which i ledged from him earlier then put it down in the middle then put him shaky body up then show him the stonegold finger geture to his face then i hit him u hear anhilating pedigree on the extre...
08.01.2012 07:48 EST,
then I try to use that trash bin but that has broken so i go outside the ring let's see what's cappible the the ring as i grabs a guitar and entered in ring meanwhile jay get's up and i smashes guitar to his skull very badly even the guitar broken then what's the situation of his skull
08.01.2012 07:45 EST,
Then i hit 2 slaps 2 lesner and when he is dizzy i hit a kick on his guts and nailed him with fisherman suplex then execute him with sit out gord bust then hardy try to attack me from behind i nailed him with scoop slam then i took a and hit 2 shots of it to hardy then hit another 2 shots of it on stomach of lesner after that i took a chair and set it on lesner legs and execute him with swagger bomb on chair and lesner left leg was broken.
08.01.2012 07:40 EST,
as my music hits i came out to the entarance with a chair on my hand and quickly enters the ring and hit a shot on it on zr face then hit another shot to hardy and then call catch it and throw the chair to lesner and when he catch it i suddenly hit a brogue kick on the chair and then chair crashed with his skull and blood coming through his head
08.01.2012 07:34 EST,
Then i dragg prabhat outside then i hit him a k.o. punch hard with my braced kuckles and he fell on announcers table then i signaled the cut throat signal n point at the wwe logo crowd pops then i hit him a heart anhilating pedigree to prabhat through the announcers table world strongest slam then pinned him 1...2....3
08.01.2012 07:30 EST,
i am shaking hand jay orton and I picked a SLUGEHAMMER and hit to jay head soo many times and execute him with k.o. punch then i signaled my finisher and loocked jay in my finisher step PIECE OF BODY WITH FULL FORCE and make him do tap out
08.01.2012 07:28 EST,
as my music hit i came to the ring
08.01.2012 07:26 EST,

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