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pic poison


The ninja were very
knowledgeable about poisons.
Poisoning a victim was as
effective as stabbing them, but
with very little mess or chance
of failure. Once the poison was
ingested by the victim it was
already to late. The poisons were
mostly organic based, but some
were taken from animals.
was to
take the
poison out of the blowfish or
puffer fish. This poison is very
strong and can kill in small doses.
Another animal based poison was
the bufo marinus. The bufo
marinus is a large toad with an
extremely toxic poison behind its
eyes. This poison was often used
on darts, arrows and spear tips.
Spiders and scorpions were also
used. Not always just the poison
extracted from them, but
sometimes it was just as easy
to slip a couple of scorpions in
the bed of the victim.
One of the organic poisons used
was made from common fruit.
Cyanide was extracted from a
variety of sources, such as
apple seeds, plum seeds,
cherries seeds and many more.
It was readily available to the
ninja and was used often.
Tomato and rhubarb leaves also
held a poison. Eating the leaves
cause cardiac problems,
ultimately resulting in cardiac
The amanita phalloides is a
deadly mushroom. The poison in
the mushroom was 10 times
more powerful than that of
cyanide. Eating the mushroom
was certain death, and it was
easy to slip a piece of the
mushroom in almost any meal.
The poison could be used in
various ways, depending on the
situation. For example, if the
ninja could slip it into the victims
food while its being prepared.
Without knowing what kind of
danger he was in, the victim
would eat the food infested with
the poison. Not all the poisons
used by the ninja were fatal,
some of them were used to
merely paralyze or cause
blindness. It was not always
necessary to kill.
Another thing the ninja did was
dip their weapons, such as the
shuriken or their sword, in the
poison. This was so when it
punctured the skin of their
target, the fast acting poison
would take its course, causing
much more devastating than the
blade itself.

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