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Oblivion PC Location Codes

here codes are used in conjunction with the player.coc code. Using one of the codes below will teleport you to an area within Oblivion. Here is how you use the codes below:

Press the tilde (~) key to bring up the console and type in the following code:

player.coc <destination name>

So, using one of the first codes below, if you wanted to go to the Abandoned House, you would do the following:

Press the tilde key to bring up the console, the enter "player.coc AnvilAbandonedHouse" (without the quotes)

Here is the full list of location codes for Oblivion:

A Fighting Chance ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance
A Fighting Chance Basement ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceBasement
A Fighting Chance Private Quarters ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceUpstairs
A Warlock's Luck BravilaWarlockluck
Abandoned Basement CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement
Abandoned House AnvilAbandonedHouse
Abandoned House CheydinhalAbandonedHouse
Abandoned Mine AbandonedMine
Abandoned Mine Caverns AbandonedMine02
Abandoned Shack ICWaterfrontAbandonedShack
Adrian Decanius' Basement ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseBasement
Adrian Decanius' House ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouse
Adrian Decanius' Private Quarters ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseUpstairs
Aengvir's House HarlunsWatchAengvirsHouse
Agarmir's Basement ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseBasement
Agarmir's House ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouse
Agarmir's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseUpstairs
Ahdarji's House LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse
Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor East LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorEast
Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor West LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorWest
Alberic Litte's Basement ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement
Alberic Litte's House ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse
Aldos Othran's House CheydinhalAldosOthransHouse
Aleron Loche's House BravilAleronLochesHouse
Aleswell Inn AleswellInn
Algot's Basement ICTempleDistrictAlgotsBasement
Algot's House ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouse
Algot's Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouseUpstairs
All Things Alchemical SkingradAllThingsAlchemical
Alval Uvani's Basement LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement
Alval Uvani's House LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse
Alval Uvani's House 2nd Floor LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor
Amantius Allectus' Basement ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusBasement
Amantius Allectus' House ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouse
Amantius Allectus' Private Quarters ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouseUpstairs
Ambroise Canne's House SkingradAmbroiseCannesHouse
Amelion Tomb AmelionFamilyTomb
Ancestor Moth Crypt TempleOfTheAncestorMothCrypt
Andragil's House BravilAndragilHouse
Anga Anga
Angelie's Basement ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseBasement
Angelie's House ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouse
Angelie's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseUpstairs
Anutwyll Anutwyll
Anutwyll Inner Chambers Anutwyll02
Anvil Castle AnvilCastleGreatHall
Anvil Castle Caverns AnvilCastleNecromancerLair
Anvil Lighthouse AnvilLighthouse
Anvil Lighthouse Cellar AnvilLighthouseBasement
Anvil Lighthouse Tower AnvilLighthouseUpperRoom
Anvil Mages Guild AnvilMagesGuild
Applewatch Farmhouse ApplewatchInterior
Arborwatch ChorrolHouseForSale
Arborwatch Bedrooms ChorrolHouseForSale2floor
Arborwatch Suite ChorrolHouseForSale3floor
Arch-Mage's Lobby ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerLobby
Arch-Mage's Quarters ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters
Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerCouncil
Areldil's Basement ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseBasement
Areldil's House ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouse
Areldil's Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseUpstairs
Arena ChorrolArena
Arena ArenaMatchCell
Arena Bloodworks ICArenaBloodworks
Arkved's Death Quarters ArkvedsTower07
Arkved's Hall of Changes ArkvedsTower04
Arkved's Lost Halls ArkvedsTower03
Arkved's Rending Halls ArkvedsTower06
Arkved's Retreat ArkvedsTower05
Arkved's Tower ArkvedsTower01
Arkved's Void ArkvedsTower02
Armand Christophe's House ICWaterfrontArmandChristopheHouse
Armor Warehouse WarehouseArmor
Armor Warehouse WarehouseMagicArmor
Armory ICImperialLegionHQArmory
Arnora's House BrumaArnorasHouse
Arpenia Arpenia
Arrowshaft Cavern ArrowshaftCavern
Arrowshaft Cavern Subtarrane ArrowshaftCavern03
Arvena Thelas' Basement AnvilArvenaThelasBasement
Arvena Thelas' House AnvilArvenaThelasHouse
Arvin Dalvilu's House BleakersWayArvinDalvilusHouse
Astante's Home BrindleHome02
Astinia Atius' Basement ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseBasement
Astinia Atius' House ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouse
Astinia Atius' Private Quarters ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseUpstairs
Atatar Atatar
Atatar Haelia Anga Atatar03
Atatar Haelia Dagon Atatar02
Atatar Loria Atatar04
Baenlin's Basement BrumaBaenlinsBasement
Baenlin's House BrumaBaenlinsHouse
Barren Cave BarrenCave
Barren Mine BarrenMine
Barthel Gernand's House CropsfordBarthelGernandsHouse
Bawn Bawn
Bawn Latta Bawn03
Bawn Loria Bawn02
Bay Roan Stables BravilStable
Bazur Gro-Gharz's House CheydinhalGharzHouse
Bedrock Break BedrockBreak
Belda Belda
Belda Lor Belda02
Beldaburo Beldaburo
Beldaburo Anga Beldaburo02
Belletor's Folly BelletorsFolly
Belletor's Folly Cavern BelletorsFolly03
Belletor's Folly Mines BelletorsFolly02
Beneath the Bloodworks ImperialSewerSystemArena
Benirus Manor AnvilBenirusManorHaunted
Benirus Manor Basement AnvilBenirusManorBasement
Bernadette Peneles' House SkingradBernadettePenelesHouse
Best Goods and Guarantees LeyawiinBestGoodsAndGuarantees
Betto Plotius' House LeyawiinBettoPlotiusHouse
Biene Amelion's House WatersEdgeBieneAmelionsHouse
Bincals' House CropsfordBincalsHouse
Black Balconies of Fieldhouse FieldhouseCave03
Black Horse Courier ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier
Black Horse Courier Basement ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement
Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs
Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCaverns
Black Rock Caverns BlackRockCavernsLight7
Black Rock Main Chamber BlackRockCaverns02
Black Waterside Stables CheydinhalBlackWatersideStables
Blackwood Company Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyHall
Blackwood Company Hall Basement LeyawiinBlackwoodTreeRoom
Blackwood Company Training Hall LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyTrainingHall
Bleak Flats Cave BleakFlatsCave
Bleak Flats Cave XXXRANDOMCave01
Bleak Mine BleakMine
Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn BleakersWayGoodwillInn
Blood Well DAPeryiteSmallTower01
Blood Well MS13OblivionSmallTower01
Blood Well OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower04
Blood Well OblivionRD001Tower02
Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Left
Blood Well OblivionRD003Tower02Right
Blood Well OblivionRD006TowerLeft
Bloodcrust Cavern BloodcrustCavern
Bloodmayne Cave BloodmayneCave
Bloodmayne Cave Labyrinth BloodmayneCave02
Bloodrun Cave BloodRunCave
Book Warehouse WarehouseBooks
Borba's Goods and Stores CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStores
Borba's Goods and Stores Basement CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStoresBasement
Border Watch Inn BorderWatchInn
Boreal Stone Cave BorealStoneCave
Bradon Lirrians Basement BrumaBradonLirriansBasement
Bradon Lirrian's House BrumaBradonLirriansHouse
Bramblepoint Cave BramblepointCave
Bravil Chapel Undercroft BravilChapelUndercroft
Bravil Fighters Guild Basement BravilFightersGuildBasement
Bravil Fighter's Guild Second Floor BravilFightersGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Fighter's Guild Third Floor BravilFightersGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild BravilMagesGuild
Bravil Mages Guild 2nd Floor BravilMagesGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Mages Guild 3rd Floor BravilMagesGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild Basement BravilMagesGuildBasement
Bravil Wizard's Grotto BravilWizardsGrotto
Bravil Wizard's Lair BravilWizardsLair
Breakneck Cave BreakneckCave
Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber BreakneckCave03
Brina Cross Inn BrinaCrossInn
Brittlerock Cave BrittlerockCave
Brittlerock Lower Passages BrittlerockCave02
Broken Promises Cave BrokenPromisesCave
Brotch Calus' House BrumaBrotchCalusHouse
Bruma Caverns BrumaCaverns
Bruma Fighters Guild BrumaFightersGuild
Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuild
Bruma Mages Guild BrumaMagesGuildDestroyed
Cadlew Chapel CadlewChapel
Capstone Cave CapstoneCave
Capstone Great Cavern CapstoneCave02
Captain's Cabin ICWaterfrontMarieElenaCaptainsCabin
Carac Agaialor ParadiseCamoranFortress
Carandial's House BravilCarandialHouse
Casta Scribonia's Basement ChorrolCastaScriboniasBasement
Casta Scribonia's House ChorrolCastaScriboniasHouse
Castle Barracks AnvilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Barracks BravilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Dining Hall BravilCastleDiningHall
Castle Bravil Dungeon BravilCastleDungeon
Castle Bravil Great Hall BravilCastleGreatHall
Castle Bravil Servant's Quarters BravilCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Bruma Barracks BrumaCastleBarracks
Castle Bruma Dungeon BrumaCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol Arch Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL2
Castle Chorrol Barracks ChorrolCastleBarracks
Castle Chorrol Dungeon ChorrolCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol East Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFR
Castle Chorrol Great Hall ChorrolCastleGreatHall
Castle Chorrol North Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBR
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters02
Castle Chorrol South Tower ChorrolCastleTowerFL
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View ChorrolCastleTowerR2
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View ChorrolCastleTowerR1
Castle Chorrol West Tower ChorrolCastleTowerBL
Castle Kvatch Passageway KvatchCastlePassageway
Castle Leyawiin Basement LeyawiinCastleBasement
Castle Leyawiin County Hall LeyawiinCastleCountyHall
Castle Leyawiin Dungeon LeyawiinCastleDungeon
Castle Leyawiin Servants' Quarters LeyawiinCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Skingrad Barracks SkingradCastleBarracks
Castle Skingrad County Hall SkingradCastleSkingrad
Castle Skingrad Courtyard SkingradCastleCourtyard
Castle Skingrad Dining ...

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