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animated.coffin - Animated

Nøt So Dead 'Jokes'

laughs N more

Feel Free To Write Your Best Jokes Here. . . Or Maybe Your Not So Best lol


A porson in full jungle,he meet a lion,the porson said oh God please make this lion a christiens and the lion said thank god and bless the food which you gave me in jesus (amen).hrn mht
I heard you took an IQ test and they said your results were negative. Hehe
Q. What do you call a man who puts his tool in your mouth? A. A dentist. Lol:-Dx (Gstar)
A man walks up to a lady in a bar, the word of the day is 'LEGS'. He says to her 'lets go to your place and spread the word'. Lol:-Dx (Gstar)
U knw w0t drívez a lesbían up tha wall".. . A crack ñ the ceílíng~ =)~
Q. Whats the difference between a thief and peeping tom? A. A thief snatches your watch while a peeping tom watches your snatch. Lol:-Dx (Gstar)
Q. Whats the difference between a s l u t and mosquito? A. A mosquito stops sucking when you slap it. Lol:-Dx (Gstar)
A vampire goes into a bar, sits down and asks for a cup of hot water, he then gets out a used tampon and swirls it round in the hot water. The barman asks the vampire ´what are you doing´. The vampire replies ´making tea´.
Q: Why did the blonde stare at the orange juice? A: The carton said "concentrate"
Q: What do you call a woman who sets fire to all her bills? A: Bernardette
A guy has a costume party. He asks the first guy "what are you?" he replies "i'm a vampire" and shows his fangs. Next guy says "i'm a zombie" and shows his fake cuts. The final guy who isn't dressed up says "i'm a tortoise" the host asks "ok, but why is there a woman on your back?" he replies "she's michelle" :D
Wife looks into the mirror and says to her husband "My a$$ is too flat and my boobs are sagging. Pay me a compliment". Husband replies "You have VERY good eyesight"
Q: What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?? A: Hold onto your ****ing nuts. This aint no ordinary blow job.

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