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animazione - Woman


Congrega of the Witches of Lot

Foundation: February 2000

Founder: Lady Malik

“The Witchcraft is not a dark faith that practical need of the night for mysterious has, but an acquaintance of the nature where the famous one and l `ignoto scompaiono in order to reappear in the gestures and the words of the Witch.
And `the hidden part of the World and the Witch are through between that human part and l `".



The Congrega of the Witches is one gilda to magical character of neutral alignment.


The Congrega of the Witches of Lot places its acquaintances and its limbs of every risen they are to the exclusive service and in defense of the Noble ones, their representatives and the Reign.


The salute of the Witches is “Felis Vobiscum” that means “the Feline is with You” (the Feline is from agreeing the Famigliar of the Witches).

All the Rituals and the Festivity (goliardic or solemn that) are conduct from the Gilda, are opened all `entire Granducato.

The Gilda resolves to do as scope primary that one to make to amuse (or in some cases to deprive of hope) its members and all those who have the fortune to intercross the way of one Witch of Lot (or the misfortune to intercross one Dispettosa Megera) in the Granducato.

The Gilda takes life from the principle of wanting to be through between the people and the nature using the magic and the spell.

The members of the Gilda will not have to bring damage to some with practical theirs, but they will have to know, for being able to contrast them, all the curses and sortilegi. They will have to know moreover every beneficial, protecting, magical type of incantesimo in order contrasting the forces of the evil or in order to help the people in the life every day (is spoken about incantesimi and simple magic not of powerful magic).

Practical and the rituali you follow yourself are regulated based on the vital and natural cycles and to lune (the new moon, full moon, black moon to you, increasing, decreasing), that they will indicate when and like completing a ritual and which
to complete (filters d `love, propiziazione of good harvests, siccità and therefore via), will be legacies consequently to the seasons, the calendar of the Witches.

Scruteranno the future in order to prevent and to remove from the every Reign possible catastrophe and undesired event, or to know last and future of who they addresses in order to ask aid.

Main point of encounter of the Gilda will be the Public square of the Market where the members of the same one will be able to offer theirs servigi to the people, but they will be ovunque, with practical theirs.



it is the Master of the Gilda. It carries out just the role in absolute autonomy but it is uses to consult itself with the Great Council.
It maintains the relationships with Noble and/or the their People in charge and with the Master of the other Gilde. It always decides on the lines of behavior and action of the Congrega and sull `admission to the Congrega of the Apprentices (listening to the opinion of the Great Council even if however the last decision is up to she.)
L `Arcistrega to its discretion puo `to name a Vice Master that replaces it, in case of absence, and the coadiuvi. Such Vice Master will not come designated from no particular symbol but it will indicate loads inner receipt, in avatar.
Elegge all the members of the Great Council.

Great Councilman of the Congrega of the Witches

He takes care himself of coadiuvare and, exactly, advising l `to Arcistrega and the Gilda all in the development of the normal functions.

Ambassador of the Congrega of the Witches

Usually in two number. One closely takes care of the relationships with the Gilde and the Trades and l `other of those with the Razze.

Fattucchiera of the Congrega of the Witches

And `one witch of good nature. USA its limbs in order to drive away malocchio, invoices, malie and every type of negatività.

Fortune teller of the Congrega of the Witches

And `a Witch or a Strigo who having manifested particular nature, has studied over a long time span and dedication hour to the predizione of the future with the magical sphere, the reading of the stars, viscere of the animals, the Tarocchi, the Rune, knows every recondite angle of our last and future life.

Herbana of the Congrega of the Witches

And `the Witch who during its magical increase has studied in particular the grass and their application. Every Orepara type of pozione and filter with they.
The erbane witches collect the grass work to them and of ointments make medicines/pozioni/that will be available for multiple uses.

Megera of the Congrega of the Witches

On the contrary of the Fattucchiera, it is of nature cattivella. Insomma cio `that the Fattucchiera “cures” She becomes ill. It transforms in rospi, ago invoices and malocchi and every kind of magical dispetto (never tasted cakes prepared with stregate apples).

Precettore of the Infant of the Congrega

They are rigorously in number of three. They come chosen between the members of Gilda that have demonstrated to particular propensione all `instruction, to the relationships with the next one and the understanding of the mechanisms of Gilda. They will be taken care to introduce the Congrega to foreign and lottiani viandanti/generally.

Phantom of the Congrega of the Witches

This and' one most particular figure of the Congrega. The phantom and' the tie between the Gilda and the antichi Knights of .ovvero the lottiano spirit. and' the lottiano spirit!! Goliardic figure sometimes
dispettosa, sometimes inclined to help the next one.
They have the powers that are inborn in the phantoms: they cross the walls, the doors, scompaiono and appear in various places in a fraction of second, help cosi the witches to see or to arrive in places
dangerous. They are the Knights transformed, for error during the reading of a incantesimo, in entita', phantoms. Sometimes they can resume their human aspect and in some particular evenings of the year they return in their human sembianze and are concrete. Theirs fine and' that one to hold alive the goliardic spirit of the ancient Lot and to always help the witches in their missions (that they have some want!!).

Witch of the Congrega of the Strigo Witches of the Congrega of the Witches

Both are conoscitori experts of the grass of the metals of stones, make talismans, filters, incenses, etc and coadiuvano in all the high degrees piu `of the Congrega.

Apprentice of the Congrega of the Witches

They are, like says the same term, those who they are approached the Witchcraft and they want to learn of the secrets. Their income is however always at the discretion dell `Arcistrega. To every apprentice it comes entrusted a Tutor between the members of the Gilda.

Stregatto of the Congrega of the Witches

Famigliar of the members of the gilda. It removes the jattura from the Congrega and every its member. It can be considered to the stregua of a loyal inserviente. .ma fateglielo not to know!

GREAT COUNCIL (inner organ)

And `the decisional organ of the gilda. Consta of six members, more l `Arcistrega that is The one who that elegge them and that it has absolute power to remove them in case come less to the fedelta' towards the Noble ones or the Reign or for other serious reasons and proves to you.


The Master has final power of decision. It comes INDIFFERENTLY coadiuvato in the decisions from the Great Council composed of six chosen members dall `Arcistrega between all the members of the Congrega (made obvious exclusion of the Apprentices).


Beyond all `obvious predisposition to the Witchcraft at least six months of permanence in Granducato and at least five hundred of carisma and above all respect for the next one for the place are demanded intransgressibly (also for the figure of Apprentice) that it accommodates to us.
L `alignment of the PG must be not contrasting with that one of the Congrega. Therefore l `avatar and the race.
Not there are restrictions for no type of trade, fact but l `eventual contrast with the scopes of Gilda.


The career in the Congrega is made for proves merits and dedication to you.
The Apprentices will have to follow for l `learning of the magical limbs the course dell `inner Academy (called Grimorium) in order at least six months before passing of degree. Academy of the Roles will be moreover opportune follows at least some lessons dell `.
After a praticantato period of will receive the magical broom that allows they to fly. To the degree passage they will only receive the magical baton and the sphere.
In case of serious mancanze towards the Congrega puo `to come itself it degrades to you on decision dell `Arcistrega coadiuvata from the Great Council.


Reasons of expulsion are:
- the violation of the laws of the Granducato
- lack of respect towards the Noble ones, the Granducato or one any of the figures that represent it
- lesion of integrity of the Congrega or its member.
- lesion of the rights of a any Lottiano citizen
- violation of the normal rules of respect towards the Gilda to which it is belonged (es. sending missive of Gilda to others, or revealing decisions, plans etc of the Gilda to others).
Every expulsion comes decided dall `Arcistrega re-united with the Great Council for evident voting.
The dimissioni follow l `only iter of the good sense and the respect for the Congrega all.

ARTICLE 9 Several and eventual

Directory incantesimi/rituals/festivity to complete previa authorization of Unicorno and Anello of the Fato.

Official salute: Felis Vobiscum

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