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Match One

Mike Awesome vs. Jimmy Fatal

"SOUND IS RIPPING THROUGH YOUR EARS, THE DEAFENING SOUND OF METAL NEARS......YOUR BODIES WAITING FOR HIS WHIPS, THE TASTE OF LEATHER ON YOUR LIPS...." blares the sounds of Anthraxs Phantom Lord as the ECW crowd jeer uncontrollably, the chiseled figure of Mike Awesome strolling out of the ECW entrance way

"YOU SOLD OUT, YOU SOLD OUT" roar the crowd, Awesome just smirking as he heads down the aisle, dangerously close to the rabid fans

"How the hell can he have sold out, this is the first damn show" spits Tazz, Styles not pleased

"That chant is a reference to Mike Awesome defecting to WCW as you well know Tazz, this son of a bitch and i apologize for that but this guy walked out of ECW while he was the ECW Champion and took Eric Bischoffs money, he's a no good..."

Styles is cut off by Tazz

"Don't give me that BS Styles, if you were offered that kind of money you'd have been so far up Bischoffs ass you'd have been able to see what Hulk Hogan deposited there earlier"

Styles doesn't respond as Awesome enters the ring, his music cutting and the camera heading back toward the entrance way, Happy people have no Stories by Therapy hitting to a small response, this crowd as yet unsure of the newcomer as Jimmy Fatal makes his way out in plain tights, clearly having "rookie" written all over him

"Jimmy Fatal a newcomer to ECW, from right here in New York, made his name in several local promotions, he's one star thats clearly got a great future ahead of him but against Mike Awesome..."

Styles is cut off again

"Cut to the point Styles, this guy is Heymans sacrifice to make Awesome look good on the debut show, we know how it works" spits Tazz as Jimmy climbs the steps

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with a ten minute time limit. Introducing first to my left, making his ECW Debut, from New York, New York, weighing 233lbs.... JIMMY FATAL" goes our announcer Justin Roberts, Fatal stepping to the center of the ring with both arms aloft, a respectable pop and applause from the crowd. Fatal moves back to his corner as the smug Awesome steps forward to a round of boos, Roberts looking nervous as he reads from a card

"And his opponent, receiving a special introduction as given to me by Mr Joel Gertner before the show..... he is thee...."

Roberts swallows heard, obviously not wanting to read this

"He is the son of a bitch who walked out on ECW...."

The crowd roar as Awesomes face immediately falls

"He is a.... a small dicked loser from Florida, weighing 292lbs of pure Steroid abuse, THE FAT CHICK THRILLA.... MIKE AWESOME"

"LETS GO ROBERTS... LETS GO ROBERTS" chant the roaring crowd, Awesome grabbing the announcer by the jacket and about to punch him when Jimmy Fatal launches into him from behind, clubbing blows. The bell sounds and Roberts wisely escapes under the bottom rope as Awesome staggers back to the ropes. Fatal grabs the arm, looks for the Whip... reversed. Th newcomer goes running, rebounds.... into a massive Clothesline from Awesome, the boos ringing out. Awesome clearly doesn't think anything of Fatal, grabbing his head and pulling it up between his legs, going to go for the Awesome Bomb already.... Back Body Drop by the New York native... and he mounts for punches, one, two, three, four as Awesome tries to get to his feet... and eventually he throws the newcomer off. Awesomes to his feet as is Fatal, the two lock up... very low looking kick by Awesome, either way, completely legal. Fatal keels over and is immediately struck by a Right and another kick, Jimmy staggering back into the corner. Awesome scores with a nice Shoulder Thrust and back elbow before stepping back and allowing Jimmy to stagger a few paces backward, scoops him up over his powerful shoulder.... and Fatal is dropped down onto the pad for the Snake Eyes. He rebounds of backward and staggers toward the ropes.... Clotheslined out by Awesome, the fans popping as he follows, the action taken to the outside. Fatal struggles up and is again lifted... this time his head being brought down across the metal railings, the fans barely flinching and giving Awesome a barrage of abuse which he gives back in kind, flipping off the infamous Hat Guy in the front row. To his credit Fatal is already getting to his feet, just winded but about to be a lot more as Awesome grabs his head... and runs it into the Ringpost, springing off it and staggering around... only for Awesome to arrogantly push him in the ass with his foot, Fatal going flying forward, completely off balance into the barriers.

"HE'S A PUNK" laughs Awesome, mocking the debutante, the ECW crowd booing, unusually for once supporting the newcomer tonight. Awesome slaps Fatal lazily across the face before pulling him to his feet and getting him in the Bearhug position... Fatals back is rammed into the post, the ECW Original now just punishing his opponent as he drops him to the concrete. Awesome cuts the air and grabs Fatal again, placing his head for the Powerbomb, facing the railings and possible looking to smash Fatal into it again as he hoists him up..... but Jimmy grabs the head, brings it down...... modified DDT across the railings, the crowd whistling as Awesomes necks smashes across the metal and Jimmy goes into the front row, slowly using the barrier to get to his feet, Awesome down. Fatal climbs back into the ring area and grabs Mike by the head and trunks, rolling him into the ring and seeing a huge opportunity as he covers, our Referee goes down to make the count... One... Two... Tno, Awesome kicks out. Fatal looks pissed but starts to get back to his feet, cutting the air and seemingly calling for the finish. The fans give a pop, getting behind the newcomer here as he stalks the rising Mike Awesome. Awesomes on his feet, turns into Fatal who scores with the Gut Kick, looks to hooks the arms for the Double Armed DDT.... but Awesomes fighting out of it. He charges forward..... and rams Fatal into the pads, winding him. The ECW crowd groan, sensing that this is the finish as Fatal staggers forward.... and catches Awesomes foot as he looks for the kick of his own, Awesomes spun around, this time Fatal hits the kick..... hooks the arms..... Double Arm DDT to a roar from the crowd, Awesomes head cracking of the hard ECW Canvas. The cover is made - One.... Two... Three.

"Holy shit" spits Tazz as the music hits, Fatal staggering up in shock as he has his hand raised

"JIMMY FATAL HAS DEFEATED MIKE AWESOME, WHAT A DEBUT RIGHT HERE" cries Styles, Awesome leaping up and taking a swing at Fatal but the debutante has slide from the ring and is backing up the aisle with a cocky grin, Awesome fuming as the fans begin the Goodbye song

"GOODBYE MIKE AWESOME IS RIGHT" laughs Styles, actually joining in to Tazzs anger as we fade to our first commercial break of the evening...

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