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~≈♥µ∏¦10 card reincarnate game¦∏µ♥≈~

..think, Heket..

around about now
that being the head of the frog..
the house of thought..
the querients mood regarding..
the situation.
that would be the 2 cards you place 1st..
1 of the cards would be 1 of the 22 superior lames
aka major arcana.
choose them by..
just the numbers of them.
as positition numbered in the list..
Osiris' back bone.. god of the dead
positition number..
.. Not the card number..
then A number from the rest..
the rest being ..
the 16 median lames
aka the court cards
they tell of the people involved
and 40 inferior lames
which tell of idea, action or feeling..
which is at the origin of the situation.
so you do this 5 times..
choose a diamond and either a heart or..
a club.
so at the end you have ..
10 cards..
5 of which are diamonds..
(our superior lames)
and for each 1 of those..
you also have either a heart or a club..
(our median, and/or, inferior lames)
imagine them in a row..
as the example
in the pic.
the 2nd two cards..
the frogs back..
house of burden..
our yesterdays and problems..
the 3rd two cards:-
the face of the frog..
house of direction..
our ambitions and desires..
situations that will emerge..
regardless of the querients will.
The 4th two cards:-
rear legs of the frog.. of forward push.
..strength to act
.. And/or External help.
5th two cards:-
the frogs front legs..
house of control..
this is restraint
restrain ourselves or are..
.. restrained by others.

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