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_* THE KABBALAH*_ The Structure of the physical

The Kabbalah (also spelt ´Cabala´ or ´Qabala´) is an ancient magical Hebrew system that orders the energies of the world and the universe by using the image of the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life consists of ten levels of energy flows, called the sephiroth.
To advance spiritual development, the Magik user will conduct certain practices that allow them to understand the spiritual meaning of each level (or sephirah) and help them progress toward deeper insights about their psyche. The following ten levels, starting at the base of the Tree of Life, are:
Malkuth _ Beginning of Creation: earthly preoccupations.
Yesod _ Foundation: sexual drives and creativity.
Hod _ Splendor: the intellect and reason.
Netzach _ Victory: love and the emotions.
Tiphareth _ Beauty and Harmony: the Messiah
Geburah _ Severity and Strength: the warring God or Goddess.
Chesed _ Mercy and Order: the compassionate God or Goddess.
Binah _ Understanding: the Great Mother.
Chokmah _ Wisdom: the Great Father.
Kether, Xeper _ Crown of Creation: infinite bliss.
There are many ways of studying this complex and fascinating system of magic. Users have always cherished ways of tapping into the power of the Divine,and the Kabbalah creates combinations of numbers,formed in what came to be known as "magic squares", which resonated with the seven celestial bodies - Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter and Saturn.

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