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....PE0PLE i find the greatest h0n0ur in delivering y0u this very sh0cking and p0tent news....H0pe y0ur ready f0r this? Well here it g0es... It has c0me to0 my attenti0n that gakeem was lying all al0ng ab0ut his father being dead i guess he was seeking f0r c0mf0rt and he wanted pe0ple to0 have m0re pity 0n him...But a few days ag0 a h0meless dude 0ffered to0 trim 0ur garden and i lo0ked at this dude and i m0s th0ught to0 myself this guy resembles gakeem but he was just very thin...D0 y0u hear that gakeem i f0und y0ur missing father i put him in a cage where he bel0ngs y0ur m0re then welc0me to0 c0me c0llect him cause his busy hustling my d0gs f0r their fo0d...
....I w0nder why y0ur father ran away f0r y0ur family?! I guess its pr0bably cause his s0 ashamed 0f his s0n bec0ming n0thing but a tip member by mugg and bean y0r wiping tables must be very hard w0rk nah gakeem? Y0r but what y0u did was sick and wr0ng just because y0ur father ran away d0esnt mean y0u have the right to0 declare the flea infestic erratic fo0l dead :-O....N0w i feel even m0re s0rry f0r y0u gakeem shame first i find 0ut that y0ur a virgin and y0u never met y0ur 26year 0ld girlfriend(cause she was getting her p0es fucked int0 a c0ma by 0ther guys) and n0w i find 0ut that y0u were lying ab0ut y0u dads death is y0ur life really s0 w0rthless that y0u have to0 make up such sick stuff? Jirre just hurry kanalah c0me get y0ur fucking dad here cause his busy chewing 0n the cage bars and gather s0me 0f y0ur tips cause y0ur g0nna have to0 pay me f0r that leash that y0ur dad chewed 0n 0r ima take him to0 the vet and y0u'll never see him again...This leaves me to0 w0nder what d0es y0ur m0ther d0 f0r a living? Cause everyb0dy 0n mxit kn0w that y0ur little sister is a t0llie g0blin...Thats all f0r n0w...Keep it real peeps..

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