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Alone With Cousin

This happen just a few months before and after my engineering I got job in a strange big city worried me. The only assurance was that my uncle and aunt were there. It was a feeling at home away from home.

Coming on to the story, it’s about my cousin my uncle daughter and me and now let me describe my sister first. She was born n brought up in a cosmopolitan city. She was doing her MBBS 1st year. I was very happy to see her; she was very friendly and very affectionate to me. I would tease her; she would beat me, all in a loving way. I never had any other feelings for her at that point of time. She was very conservative type but slowly we came very close to each other.

I always touch her, hug her and kiss on cheek. I become a member of their family and not an outsider. She was quite innocent. She always hugs me in any good news. She loves me like any sister loves. I also love her too as a sister and we were best friends. She was such an innocent girl, she hugged me when she pass her exam and kissed on my chicks and when she gets good news but now I feel her rock hard on boobs on his chest and she never feels it wrong.

Sometimes she sits on his laps when me works on computer. She has not any wrong feeling about him after some time I had my accommodation arranged by the company, which was full of bachelors like me from different areas and every week, I used to visit uncle’s house and stayed there on Saturdays and Sundays on the other hand in the bachelor quarters and there was full of sex stories, blue films etc. So my mind was a mixture of all these things.

There is no obstruction for our touching and my lust is increasing on sex as well as on my sister and then my mind twisted. I felt her was pretty sexy than cute. She is very tall, has long black silky hair and extremely fair even though I have never seen her naked, I knew by my heart that she is stunningly sexy inside and her tits were about the size of a pair of big oranges, not huge by any means but round and tight slowly I started feeling horny thinking about the pretty face and the sexy body of my sister sexy.

It was like that I work all week days and waited for the Saturdays to come, so that I can meet her. It was a transformation period from sisterly love to lusty love. The touch, feel everything had its own account in my life after few months my uncle and aunt had to go to their native place for four days. She could not go as her exam was approaching. So I take this opportunity and visited to uncle’s home and decided to take some chance as she was alone there.

I was imagining about her and bought some ice-cream for her as it was a very hot that night when I reached at her home, she was watching a Hindi movie on TV sitting in sofa. I sat beside her and she was wearing loose t-shirt and skirt. We started eating ice cream while watching movie after some time I switched off the TV and we began to chat about my study and then Hindi movies.

We were chatting about Bollywood heroines, who is beautiful and pretty and who is sexy? Then I told her I think my sister is sexy too. She was stunned at this question, could not think much to arrange her words, but expressed her true feelings, how you knew how sexy me? I whispered you are the sexiest girl I have ever seen and pinched her cheek and then I asked her if she had seen any guy she replied no, not in real but in computer.

I was happy that she was honest with me and then I asked her I want to show you how sexy you are. My hand was on her at many nice places she did not make any move to stop me doing it. I put my hand thru the back of her skirt touching the ass cleavage and kissed her on her neck and hair. She was shocked but quite and I started caressing her face. I hold her hand and with her back towards me I made her sat between my legs and my hands enveloping her through her waist.

It was pure love and placed a kiss on her shoulders and she liked it. My hands massaged her shoulders. I felt a tingling sensation in my groin. My hands slightly moved down and felt her breast above her t-shirt. It was soft, she was enjoying my touch, and the fire in my body was ignited. I was hot like fire with the sight of my sister's sweaty and smelly armpit from so close. My cock had almost become numb, still like a rock and pulsating.

Somehow, I could not resist anymore but move my nose as close to her boobs as I practically can. They were only one inch away from my nose and them smelled husky with sweat. I then moved my nose closer to her armpit. Oh god, I have no way to describe the pungency or erotic on that smell. My cock was hard like steel and will explode the very first chance it will get and her odor made me dying in desire to lick all over her body and suck clean the sweats from all over her body.

My cock already started dripping with pre cum juice but I had no control over it. It is beyond the wildest dream I have ever have. I started kissing her white and plumy cheeks and hugged her very softly and then reached her lips, I opened my mouth but I forgot, my sis hasn't even touched any guy in her life, she knew only what she has seen on some websites. I inserted my lips in her mouth and started sucking her lower lip with my lips.

I could hear her moan as her eyes closed and later licked her entire mouth with my tongue then started kissing her neck and she was holding my hair. She was breathing heavily now with rhythmic motion of her huge tit mounds beads of sweat have gathered on her neck, shoulder and her exposed tits. Her skin was so fair that I could see her blue veins running through her white tit flesh.

The smell of her sweat seemed to increase as she is sweating heavily now and smell of her sweat was very strong and husky and sexy. I enveloped her face with kisses and we drank each other’s saliva. I don’t want to hurry up, as she was still my love. I asked her whether she can remove her t-shirt and she told ok, with slight hesitation. She stood up and removed her T shirt and I saw a wonderful sight of her breasts beautifully fitted in her bra.

That site never moved from brain afterwards too. I also removed my shirt. I asked her can I see the breast too. She said no, that is sin, we are not supposed to. I requested her and she accepted my request with one condition, only one time. I unhooked her bra and how I can describe, two fair boobs with slight pinkish nipples throbbing out. I embraced her and place a kiss on the nipple, she like it but was saying no. she was feeling very shy and covered her tits with her hands.

She was not able to meet her eyes with mine but was smiling looking down steps, I lied on the bed with her and held her face with my hand and we had an eye to eye contact, She couldn't look at me this way and covered her face with her hands, this set her tits free, I made her lie completely and then kept looking at those virgin tits, which has never been sucked by anyone.

So cute and so firm the tits were very tight and big and milky white I lost my controls, next moment I was sucking it, one by one and she was enjoying. I was not satisfied with sucking, but placed a French kiss on her. I was in pants and she was in skirt only. Our upper bodies were bare touching each other. It was a tight embrace with her skin touching mine. Now as the fire engulfed me, I want to see her naked fully, I pressed her tit softly and she moaned.

I then started licking her entire boob, she just got crazy and started pulling my hair very hard, on this I was very hard and I started sucking them, No one in the world could imagine her situation but only herself and her nipple was not too big but good and I sucked it a lot, She enjoyed this like nothing else then I had a look over her belly it was so cute, white belly with a very sexy belly button, her belly was classic fair with a very little flesh.

I kissed her belly and she was giggling, and then I kissed and licked her belly very passionately after that I thought of the Virgin cunt as she was wearing a skirt I first started licking her legs and then the milky thighs, while I was caressing her inner thighs she was holding my hair and moaning and I could smell her panty, I lifted up her skirt and I saw her white thighs shining and her pink panty wet in the middle.

I was kissing her thighs and her panty. I just placed my hand over her panty and rubbed it very softly. I also took her hand in my hand and made her feel my hard cock under my pant and slowly I removed her panty after removing her panty completely, I had a look at her cunt, it was so cute, I went down to put my mouth on her she was closing her legs hiding her pussy on excitement and slowly forcing her to spread her legs.

I went in to put my tongue on her cunt and spread it on her pussy. She was driven with a high degree of sensation and trying pulling back herself from the oral I was giving. In a flash I striped myself to streak nude exposing my cock stay hard erected pointing straight to her. Sitting close to her on the edge of the bed and she was fondling with my cock in her hand. She was doing it with her eyes closed in few minutes she had her finger around the thick hard throbbing cock of mine.

I went down to place my tongue on her pussy again, after the initial pullback she was opening up a bit to get my tongue more on her cunt. She was sweating and was already wet and slippery using a bit of force holding her thighs apart pushed my tongue inside her pussy made her moan. My tongue deep inside her I held her legs bend back and continued to lick her. She has started moaning in pleasure until I got the feel of her cum on my tongue and lips.

Her tight held legs and stomach became relaxed and pushes her legs back to relax which was a clear sign of a big orgasm inside her. I moved to go and kiss her with all the sweet juice of her on my lips and tongue. She opened her mouth started making my kissing wonderful by this time I had my cock dripping with clear fluid which I get in good quantity during foreplay.

Because I dint wanted to scare her. Now I asked her to lie on top of me and she did, we both felt so good as the warmth of our bodies were giving immense pleasure in hot summer. I asked her to suck lick my nipples which she did, not properly but it was good then she kissed me from head to my belly and she stopped on my dick and gasped. I asked her to kiss my dick head. She was quite, I knew why, although she had seen it on net but still was nervous.

Then I asked again and she kissed it, gosh it felt so good after she kissed I asked her to lick the pink part of cock she slowly licked it and then I asked her to suck it like you saw on the internet, she tried her best and licked my dick she could hardly take tip in her mouth, she wasn't too good but I could understand her ...

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