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The Conspiracy

Mr. Gupta is a 48 year old, widowed business man, and a billionaire. Even at that age he was fit and a possessed an attractive charisma. His wife had died 15 years ago and since then he had grown his once a small business to the billion rupee size. His 21 year old son was completing his studies in England, and he was the only reason why he never got married and spent a lot of time and attention towards his growth till a point he sent him to England for higher studies.

Mr. Gupta was very homely and popular amongst his staffs and he considered them like a family only. Anyone close to him knew how much care he used to take in his business, staff, and their personal welfare too.
Joy had been working with Mr. Gupta for a few months then and was touched by his generosity and humbleness. At times he used to look up to him like a father figure and used to respect him a lot. Joy was very good at academics from his childhood and always scored good results all through in his academic career. He was soft spoken, humble, and generous, just like Mr. Gupta, just one of the many reasons why Joy had come so closer to Mr. Gupta within months.

Joy was married to a young and attractive lady – Priya. Joy and Priya had a few years of difference in their age and their marriage was arranged by their family. Joy was an academic champion destined for a glittering career and big money. Priya was beautiful and quite popular in her college, and her family was looking for a match like Joy’s to wed her before she gets flowed with her age and commits anything wrong. Joy got a trophy wife, beautiful, and a figure to show off, and Priya too got what she dreamt of- a high earning husband who can take care of all her tantrums.

She was very fond of expensive gifts, posh restaurants, costly vacations and best of part of their marriage was that, Joy could afford most of them. She had many fans in her college days and rumors have it that she was involved with most of them too, often at the same time too. But now she was committed towards Joy and had came out of her past life.

Both of them spent a year in their home town before Joy moved on to this new job with Mr. Gupta’s firm and so for the last few months they have shifted to this new town and new life. Joy’s pay was even higher and with that her demands rose higher too.

Joy was so inspired with Mr. Gupta that he used to talk about him at home too. There wasn’t a single day when he hadn’t mentioned about him. Pooja by now almost knew every details of his life – how he was a small time merchant once and how he had grown to be so big and famous, yet was so humble and down to the earth. The more she heard about him them more she longed to see him with her own eyes. The prospect of meeting rich and successful people always fascinated her. And she started dreaming about meeting him. It would be so nice to have a friend who is so much influential and rich.

And that chance too came her way on the annual day celebration of the company. Mr. Gupta organizes a warm dinner party every year for his staff and their family where he can spend some time with the near and dear ones of the one’s whom he considers family. And like every year this year too a gala party was held at a posh location in the city. The party was beaming with cheerful faces of the company’s staffs and their family. Joy too has come with Priya, who was super excited to meet the legendary Mr. Gupta about whom she had heard so much from Joy. He introduced his wife to Mr. Gupta, who greeted her so gently and with warmth that she couldn’t believe that he was a multi billionaire. After few minutes of pleasantries Mr. Gupta moved on to meet his other staffs and their family. Joy too took Priya to meet his other colleagues, but for Priya nothing else mattered but Mr. Gupta.

She met everyone else with smile and warm greetings, but often looked around to steal a glance of Mr. Gupta. On more than twice an occasion their gazes locked and both smiled out of embarrassment. There was something in her which made Mr. Gupta feel something differently too. That quaint gaze made him feel a bit uncomfortable, but he didn’t paid much attention to it. However he too wanted to turn around and steal a glance at her but didn’t understand why.

The party got over and everyone started to leave. Priya and Joy came to seek Mr. Gupta’s leave, and once again he felt uneasy under the beaming stare of the beautiful and attractive lady. She was by far one of the most attractive ladies present at the event that day, or even among the ones Mr. Gupta had met recently. Something in her mannerism attracted him but he quickly checked his feelings. Priya however often had this effect on men, in college she used this quite effectively to get through her studies or make a guy dance to her tunes.

On their way back home Priya was quite, thinking about Mr. Gupta, his charisma, his stature, position in the society, and wanted to know more about him. And within weeks she prepared a small thesis on him. Mr. Gupta at the age of late forties was still very fit and attractive, and the secret behind that was his daily fitness routine. He used to spend a couple of hours every day at a famous fitness club. And slowly Priya started plotting a plan to get closer to him.

Without making her intentions clear, she wanted to join a fitness club, the same fitness club where Mr. Gupta goes. She made the excuse of getting bored at home and also wanted to be conscious about her health and figure. Joy was in love with her excellently toned and curved body, she could spend hours looking at her naked body leave alone enjoying it every night like he did. He immediately dished out the money required and within the next day she joined the club. She had also chosen the same hour when Mr. Gupta comes and now it was all up to her charms.

She bought bold clothes – extra tight tops and mini pants. In them her 34B breasts looked like bombshells and she intentionally didn’t wore panties beneath the pants to keep all her cracks and lines visible. The next morning in the club – Mr. Gupta was already there and was going through his daily routine when he suddenly noticed Priya. She had intentionally taken a spot where he wouldn’t have missed her. Mr. Gupta had met her once only but that meeting had left such an impression on him that he recognized her immediately, but he couldn’t gather the courage to talk to her. And when it seemed like it was not working, Priya herself turned around and locked gaze with him. As soon as their gazes locked, Priya behaved as if she was surprised with such a coincidence. Mr. Gupta too walked up to her and greeted her.

Priya was looking like a sex bomb, her tight top was hugging to her body, making her 34 B breasts look like 38. The top was deep cut giving a good peek at her cleavage too. Below her pants revealed more than it hid and her long and toned legs were visible. Everyone around had a hard on looking at her, and so definitely did Mr. Gupta. She was so attractive and looked so desirable that even a man of principles like him couldn’t resist staring at her cleavage and long legs.

He thought in his mind – how lucky her husband is, and kept staring at her whenever he could in between his exercises. Finally when the session was over he asked Priya whether he could drop her home. And that became a routine, every morning they met at the club and exercised together and then he used to drop her home before going to office. Priya however and made him promised that he will never tell Joy that they meet outside regularly. She had told him that Joy didn’t like her meeting anyone like that. He never though Joy was like that but didn’t suspected as it came from his wife. But soon both of them started getting closer. Mr. Gupta started liking the company of a lady so young and so attractive and enjoyed the attention so much that they even started having breakfast together at any coffee shop before dropping her home.

During these meetings Priya made up stories to make Mr. Gupta sympathetic towards her. She told him that she was forced into a marriage with Joy when she wanted to study more, be an independent girl, do some jobs, but her parents got her married instead. Joy too didn’t liked her going out much or mixing with many people. All that sounded a bit surprising and was hard to believe for Mr. Gupta. He had known Joy for some time now and used to observed him more in the office now but he didn’t looked to be the person his wife painted him to be.

Then one day she told him, that Joy was not capable of satisfying her, or any woman for that matter. He had a problem with his masculinity and that made him very jealous and possessive about her. He is otherwise very nice with others but whenever he sees her with any other man, even talking, he takes it as an attack to his masculinity. Mr. Gupta was shocked he never thought of anything like that and felt very sympathetic for her. She held her hands and cried and said how unhappy and unsatisfied she was with her marriage. Mr. Gupta pressed her hand reassuringly and consoled her like a very close friend does.

Priya was sure that her plan was working fine and while Joy was completely unaware of what was going on behind his back, she felt it time to take her plan a level higher. One day she didn’t went to the club and Mr. Gupta not able to see her became concerned. He called her immediately after the session but she didn’t answer. That made him all the more concerned having heard about Joy’s nature, but he had nothing much to do and went to office. There he got some reassurance seeing Joy in a cheerful mood, he tried calling Priya once again but again she didn’t reply.

The next day too she didn’t showed up in the club and Mr. Gupta was so restless that she didn’t waited for the session to get over and called her straight away but once again she didn’t answer. While Mr. Gupta was getting extremely worried, Priya was actually enjoying seeing her plan moving towards the right direction.

Once Mr. Gupta finished his fitness session of the day, he looked at his cell and found 2 missed calls from Priya and he immediately called back. Priya had a broken voice, and sounded like she had been crying for long. She wanted to meet him immediately and so wasting no more time he drove towards her home. It was already late and he knew that Joy would be in office so he quickly parked his car below her apartment and climbed the stairs to reach to her flat.

Priya opened the door and as soon as he came in she hugged her. She was still sobbing so he embraced her and started stroking her hairs. Soon Priya restrained herself as she freed her from his arms, for a moment he didn’t wanted to let her go but didn’t wanted to force. All these days he had come so close of her that someone within he had started desiring ...

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