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Voices or Lost in Mind

Voices or Lost in Mind

the mind
such a big place to get lost in
yes lost in mind
and lost in thought

and all these
yet sad voices
leaving me
with so much choices

still I'm so lost
and so confused
with a life
where I can't survive

in a place
so big and full
yet a place
so empty and small

where the rippers ripping
and the lies are creeping
living in space
dining on a stage

with nowhere to go
yet everywhere to be
to be blind
with so much to see

I'm dancing
and sitting
I'm glancing
without seeing

I'm growing
without flowing
and still growing
and throwing

been, without being
seen, without seeing
I'm happily dead
yet sadly a life

in this place
so big and small
from wall to wall
It's an empty hall

all and all
round and round
in and out
stall the fall

calling and falling
rolling and bowling
up and down
all a round

I'm raising my ear
to face my fear
closing the unknown sight
from the word , for it could bite

with the sharp shark shooter
and dancing diamonds
all this singing silence
dead to life, for this life is pain

when healing,
and all this feeling,

with my past revealed
with it's secrets sealed
without condemnation
or any relocation

my hearts
for my pain
is much

where I'm slipping
and sliding
and gliding

where I ain't walking
or riding
but swimming
and flying

when death
comes to you
with the road ahead
and a slide...

where shady shadows hiding
and your futures riding
with doors locked
and minds blocked

knocking, knock, knock,
a sudden turn of the handle knob
you are calling you in
and chasing you out

now all this happens
and asking yourself
worthy or not
what's it all about

now friendly friend, I'll tell you what
for I'm a man full of blood
It's like sleeping with a virgin
and reality's just a burden

with lambs
of oil
and a hard
boiled broken coil

now sing this song
and dance along
now whether it be
destiny, fate or choice

just listen to The Lords voice
He's ready
He's steady
He's here to help

He's knocking on the door
and calling you from the floor
so open the door
and have fellowship with The Lord

now dine with Him
and live to Love
in friendship
and eternal Relationship

I wanna sing and dance
saying Hallelujah
giving all Glory to Ya
again saying Hallelujah

into the pool or fire
Satan took a dive
for my Lord
and Savior is alive

for the Father
Reign on high
and The Holy Ghost
will never die

Jesus alone got the power
so don't drink and drive
to feel alive
that's no way to survive

also don't smoke and fly
for with sin you will surely die
now to be humble
don't think you'll crumble

for to be humble
you have to be strong
as salvation
comes along

now we're going higher and higher
in God's Holy Ghost fire
and don't listen
to the old devilish liar

for that lonely old liar
will surely
end up in the lake
of brimstone and fire

want to know how to get your fire light?
There's only one drug
that's no drug
that can do it right

He's the One and Only Son
of the Almighty, Most High God
by Whom
this very truth was told

it's a story of grace
with victory at face
and all thanks
to Jesus Christ.

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