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**DIMPLE LOVE quotations**

=here you can read some £ove quotations which i collected=
"I wish my EYES could speak what my HEART feels,for I can £ie with my £IPS and keep it closed,but i can never £ie with my EYES, for if i closed them,I wont be able to see YOU.let my EYES speak d £OVE that my HEART feels for YOU"
"GOD design wat we go through,we decide how we go through it anything & everything.D'best plan begins & ends with GOD"
"The real test is not how much we love our FRIENDz,but how much we love our ENEMIES.LOVE isn't just a feeling for IDEALIST,for PEOPLE who believe dat d WORLD can be a better place,if only PEOPLE learn how 2 LOVE".
"The best and beautiful things in this WORLD cannot be seen or even heard,but must be felt with the know this to be true when you behold your LOVED one before you would give everything up just 2be with dat person forever".
"LIFE,has taught us dat LOVE does not consist in gazing at each other.but in looking outward together in d same isn't just RELATIONSHIP.there is nothing to loose when ONE is in love and everything to gain.LOVE is a mutual self giving which ends in SELF recovery".
"Everyday,pray that GOD will help us how to LOVE,as HE love us,pray that HE teaches us how 2 give our HEARTS to SOMEONE without asking in return,how to bear CHALLENGES together,how to SMILE in the midst of sorrow,and how to LOVE completely and selflessly".
"In LIFE £ove is never planned,nor does it have to happen for the REASON.but when d LOVE is real,it becomes your plans for LIFE and your REASON for LEAVING".take good care d ONE you LOVE."
"Any ONE can £ove a ROSE,but only those with a GREATHEART can £ove the THORNS".YOU shoud LOVE with all your HEART and to learn to accept a person for WHO HE/SHE is.
"YOU can hide d PAIN,that you feel and make others believe that YOU can move on,but you cannot DENY the ThRUTH to YOURSELF that d person who FAILED and HURT YOU,is still d person you'll always choose to LOVE no matter what."
"LOVE comes to those who still HOPE eventhough they're been dissapointed,to those who BELIEVE eventhough they been BETRAYED,to those who still £ove eventhough they been HURT before.LOVE is for the battle,scarred SURVIVORS of LIFE"
"LOVE is an act of endless FORGIVENESS,A tender look which become a HABIT,it is the £oving GLANCE instead of a CRUEL whip,the UNDERSTANDING that permeats though every argument or fight.LOVE is a word of PATIENCE."
"LOVE is full of surprises,never treat it LIGHTLY,you never know if you'll be DISTINED to be with SOMEONE you dön't know,SOMEONE you've never meet,or SOMEONE who is completely STRANGER.but then again that SOMEONE might be the ONE your's with right now."
"LOVE is not something to HOLD,but something to set FREE,not something you HAVE,but something you dont imagine to LOST.£OVE is not something we CHOOSE it CHOOSES us"

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