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tgc mistico - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

The Library - White Magic and Black Magic

How was Magic born?
Black Magic is used to hurt or control someone against their will. White Magic is used for good and takes its power from God.

During the past centuries people tried to find different methods and practices to help themselves, their friends or their relatives. People felt unprotected, threatened by different powerful animals and all their life was dangerous. They were feeling isolated and solitary. What could a man do? The help was given by spiritual strength and their belief in something.

Black Magic or White Magic??
Magic is an ancient technique based on the observation of the movement of vital force through all things created. Magic exerts influence on the fluid which all living matter is immersed in. To be able and successful in applying magic we must know where and when to direct it.

Magic is divided into white and black. White magic can break the spell of black magic which is totally negative, brings bad luck, evil, destruction and sometimes death.

Sorcery can be practiced using different methods. Sorcery refers to the practice or result of using charms, spells, or some kind of rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature or something else.

Sorcery for beginners - Spells
Here are some powerful spells about most needed domains.. We hope the spells will help you.

Love Spells

To break up a couple....

Black or greenish yellow candle is needed. At midnight light the candle and take a pin and prick the candle many times over thinking of the couple you wish to break up.... saying these words...
"As I prick this candle, I prick at thee
Broken hearts unhappy be
May you part another day
Soon to go your separate ways"

Extinguish the candle. Take the candle and break it in half symbolizing and visualizing the splitting of the couple. Then, dispose of the two halves in separate trash containers, once again, visualizing them being completely apart from each other. You may then go about your everyday events.

To cast this spell, you need 7 glasses, 7 copper's coins (all the 7 coins must be of the same type), water, and salt.

Instructions of the spell:

Fill the 7 glasses of water, add a few of salt, and remove it; allocate 6 of the 7 glasses over a table forming a circle; now, you must put one coin of copper under each one of the glasses ; in the middle of the circle allocate the seventh glass of water, and the seventh coin of copper under this glass; now, allocate the photo of the person you love over the glass, and your own photo under the glass (and under the coin of copper); you must look at the conjunt some minutes each day, and repeat 7 times:
"X (name of the person), Love me!!!!!!"


Anoint a pink or red Image Candle of the lost one and inscribe his/her name on it. Burn the candle, and when completed, bury it in a new flower pot. Also in the flower pot place some hair, blood or nail clipping from the person you wish to bring back. Plant a sunflower. Wrap with an article of clothing belonging to the person around the pot. Water every day.
As the plant grows, so will the love of the one you wish to bring back.

To cast this spell, you need a green candle, the photo of the person you love, and a green vegetal string.

Instructions of the spell: in a friday, with the moon in crecent phase, Take the photo of the person you want to love you; attach the photo with the green strings giving 7 circles around the photography; now take the green candle, turn it on, concentrate in the photography of the person, and repeat innerly "X (Name of the person), you are attached to me with a link of love forever)", then, fire the photography firing it with the green candle. The cinders must be thworn to water.

A potion to stop loving someone. Ingredents: ginger, cinamon, salt, pepper, lemon, water and rose petals. The tools you will need: black candle, something to light the candle with, spoon to stir with and a rock and cup. Now light the candle and say one time: dark sides make me stop loving this man/woman Name(say full name).Then Take all of the ingredients and put into the cup but before drinking say this 3 times: With this potion I banish my feelings for (say his/her full name) Forever. Now drink the potion.Then Put the rock at the foot of your bed (that will turn your love for him/her feelings into hatered). Now the spell is done, but it only works for some people and there's no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

Kiss me Spell

You need - 1 red candle
A white piece of paper
A red colored lipstick or a glittery pink one.

What you need 2 do:

Light the red candle (be careful).

Draw a lip print on the white piece of paper.

Hold the paper over the candle and think of the person you want to kiss you. Then chant:

Kiss me when we meet,
kiss me (lover's full name),
greet me with your lips and say you missed me,
but most of all kiss me.

(Remember to visualize you both kissing and falling in love)
I did this spell (as I said before) outside my house because i wanted to be careful not to set fire to my room!!! When I saw the boy I did the spell on, his best friend kept staring at me and smiling, I thought the spell had crossed over onto him!!! But it didn't because two or three days later the boy I did the spell on asked me to go with him (kiss him) and I did!!! We have been good friends ever since!!! If you believe it will work, then it will. I was excited at the thought that my spell had worked, so I became more interested in magic. I have made a pact with myself not to do black magic because I believe what goes around comes around!!!
Good luck with this spell but be careful with magic!!!

Says a young witch who has tryed the spell.

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