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GooD nIghT sms

1. The sun set softly. another night have come. You breathe so calmly, Slowly your face exudes charm.
Looking at the stars so bright . you are always on my mind, looking at the moon, i feel so blue i will hardly stand the night without you.
Open the window and see the moon light. . i know you feel sleepy, good bye and good night.
The stars are shining in the sky. only the moon is sad. so am i . . i miss you. sweet heart . i do miss . . i say "good night " and lips your lips.
Do you know how to catch a star? you must fall asleep and it wont be so far.
Let this night be full of dreams let your dreams be full of love. i will never stop thinking of you. oh, please , let me come in your dreams this night . good night.
Master of puppet is pulling your strings , twisting your mind and smastling your dreams. blinded by me, you cant see a thing when i count to 3 you shall fall a sleep . 123 Zzz .
Somewhere out there beneath the sale non light someone think in of you some where out there where dreams come true. . good night and sweet dreams to you.
A night fall upon the land , it is time to Zzz. . . again. . with the non hangin the starlit sky, i am here to wish you. nice sweet dreams cover, blanket tight tight.
As you go to add tonight , i ordered acts to guard a tight . i told some ghosts to dance in white, and to make sure you are all right, i will ask the dracula to lips your neck good night.
Tiredness draws across the mind making the body faced. flexibility and soon windows of soul begin to close and enter the dreamland . . sweet dreams.
On this cold cold night, in my small small room, i look at the bright bright stars in the dark dark sky and dreams of your swedet sweet smile on yours cute cute face . good night.
Wash your face and wash your feet. now its time to fall asleep. yours eyes are weak and mouth cant speak so hope this night shall be nice and sweet. goodnight.
A day is going to end again. it is nice to have a friend like you making my every day seems so great. thank you , my good friend lastly good night and sweet dreams.
The stars are out, the moon is up, 1 more HUG , One more smile , lips you once lips you twice, now its time for bed . close your eyes, and sleep tight.
If dreams are not dreams and if dreams come true, i would not be there i would be with you. distance is 1 thing that keeps us apart but you are always in my heart. good night.
If you are awake , good night my sweet darling and if you just woke up, good morning honey. love you so much .
Dont ever give up wen u r down. . it does not matter if you fall many times. just remember that each time you fall. . i will never let you reach the ground . . trust me. . i will always be around . good night.
Welcome aboard 2 , "sweet dream " air line, all passengers on bed, hug your pillows as the flight will be leaving soon to dream land. enjoy your time. good night.
I wish that ind would hold you tight. i hope that angels will keep you in site. now just to make sure you feel all rite , i am gonna wish you a wonderful night. sleep tight.
As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. close your eyes and in to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep sweetest dreams.
The night is silent but i cant sleep. may be because i am waiting for my cell phone to beep. before i dream, what i want is get your message and read.
You are the reason why i have sleepless nights. you are the reason why i tend to hold my pillow tight. and you are the reason i cant sleep without saying good night.
You may think that i forgot you. you may viol that i dont are and you may think that i am not thinking of you. well you are wrong. you are still in my dreams.
I wish that ind would hold you tight. i hope angels would keep you in sight . now just to make sure you feel all right. i am gonna blow you a sweet good night.
Angels are there to guide and protect you in what ever you will do tonight . they will take you to a place where your dreams can come true.
Close your eyes and in to sleep for angels are there for you to keep. if there are worries, please dont weep. i am at the other side , just give me a beep.
Just sleep tight and thank ind for the wonderful things , HE has blessed you. be greateful and thank HIM, cox HE will give you more important things.
May the angels sprinkle stardust on your pillow to give you dreams so sweet and may ind bless you and make them real.
My day may be hectic my schedule may be tight. but i would never let the day end without saying goodnight. sweet dreams.

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