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I hope u enjy my poems, more comin soon X

(no.1) (this poem was written 2 me by my ex bf afta we split up)
Wen u get hurt, iv been there, iv lived a couple of wks wivout even a care.
i met this girl who i fell in love wiv, she wasnt a slut, punk bitch or a sniff.
She was perfect, well perfect 4 me, thought we´d b 2getha 4 eternity. But afta 5mnths, 3wks n 3days, her loved died n as friends we stayed.
I thought id neva get ova it n always b alone, i argued wiv my friends n evry1 at home.
Sorry 2 those whom iv been bitchy wiv, but if theyv neva been there, they cnt tell me how 2 liv.
They only tried 2 help, though i just pushed bak, rather than listen i wud jus attack.
But this wk iv lived life 2 the full, iv had time 2 thnk n where it was dull, theres a big bright light, no crossbones n skull.
No more sufferin, no more tears, no more hopes, no more fears, no more MY GIRL, no more pain, no more darkness, no more rain.
And i can listen 2 mine n her song wivout a cry, and instead of LOVE U BABES, its signed just BYE.
But i pray 2 the lord, if there is one above, that friends we will stay n not muck this friendship up.
Im jus a teen in my normal world, but that was my past wen i was well n truely girled!
(no.2) How r u? a question we hear evryday, we nod n smile then walk away. y doesnt any1 luk at my face, stare hard 4 a while, wot can u c beneath my smile?
Luk at my eyes wot u c, do they glimmer n sparkle naturally? can u tell how i feel by the luk on my face? (this is a trick used by all human race)
Smilin, HOW R U? the ppl ask, if only they knew that im wearin my mask. glance at my posture, am i up right n tall? or am i a child timid n small?
We all learn 2 use our emotions inside, 4 a place 4 the worry n hurt 2 hide.
Mayb 1 day il let it all out, n cry n scream n stamp n shout, n il throw dwn my mask n shout n stay, IM HAPPY AGAIN, ITS THE REAL ME 2DAY!
2 busy wiv their own lives comin n goin, so i wear my mask wivout no1 knwin. will any1 stop in the street n say, how r u REALLY feelin 2day?
(no.3) Ryt frm the day that i met u, u av held my hand, u do ur best 2 guide me n make me understand.
U love away the hurt i av n wipe away my tears, sumtimes u hold me tightly n chase away my fears.
Sometimes i may not take advice, my will is often strong, but then i thnk wot u had said n id knw where id gone wrong.
I may not say i love u, as often as i shud, id love 2 tell u how i feel, i only wish i cud, but 4 wot i feel inside of me no words cud eva say, i only knw the feelin grows, stronger day by day.
(no.4) I feel my heart is breakin now, uv left, ur truely gone, n all my mind can say is, HOW DO I JUS CARRY ON?
Ul neva knw the pain i feel, the hurt thats oh so true. the tears i shed will softly seal, the part of me thats u.
Ur tranquil ways n gentle voice wud comfort me wen blue. now i comfort myself, i av no choice, now im bereft of u.
Mayb 1 day the sun will shine jus lyk ur smilin face. y did u av 2 leave me ere, so lonely in this place?
Each step i take is painful, i c no guidin light, my world that was so colourful is now in black n white.
U dont realize how much u need n love sum1, until 1 day it hits u hard, the fact that they r gone.
But 4eva in my heart, u will b, n my thoughts now as i cry, r thoughts of ur eternal life, coz angels neva die
(no.5) if 1 day u feel lyk me! i dnt promise i can make u laugh, but i can cry wiv u.
if 1 day u want 2 run away, dnt b afraid 2 call me, i dnt promise 2 ask u 2 stop, but i can run wiv u.
If 1 day u dnt want 2 listen 2 any1, call me n i promise 2 b v.quiet. But if 1 day u call n theres no answer, come quick, perhaps i need u!
(no.6) c how they fall, lyk rain frm the blue, these tears frm my eyes r all coz of u. i once had a dream, deep dwn in my heart, but now that dream has gone n im torn apart.
The only thought of u, makes my eyes grow wide, the tears start runnin, my feelins i cnt hide.
I wish that i cud tell u that il love u 4eva, even though i knw that u will love me neva. n wen im alone, surrounded by my fears, the only thng im left wiv r jus these fallin tears.

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