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Dbz Freestyler´iai (Anglu k.)

...Dbz Freestyler´iai

Dende: im fat and im green, if ya know what i mean, i look like a ninja turtle cept without the shell, im a green bat straight outta hell, i am the new, kami of earth! still dont mess with namek, coz thats my home turf! just because im small dont mean i cant kick your ass, roll you up and smoke you like the grass.

Gotenks:WHAT UP BITCHES?! this be gotenks! lovin the girlies, rockin the mic! imma rock this party all damn night! i am not goten, nor am i trunks, MY NAME IS GOTENKS, IMMA FUCK YOU UP!

Nappa:my name is nappa, i dont like to share! i sound like a bullfrog, i have no hair! in the saiyan saga, im vegetas bitch! when i come back in GT, im still the same old clit, i got humped by a clown before he blew up, yamcha likes to hit on me hes all ´Yo baby, wassup?!´, im the baddest of the badasses, kickin everyones ass! lickin pussy underwater shootin ki blasts up your ass!

Shenlong:what up homies, my names shenlong! ive got bulging muscles and a 12 inch schlong! the lady dragons love me, im the biggest hit! your face is ugly, it makes me wanna shit! so bend over bitch, ill rape you in the ass! go choke on my boner, feel my tail suck it fast

chaoutzu: im a short bald guy that looks like a clown, stand back ya´ll, im breakin it down! i may be white but my heart is black, and when i get pissed ya´ll better step back! ill tear ya a new one, spit a loogie in your eye! you cant defeat me, you weakling your gonna die! so step into the ring if you think you got what it takes, ill show you a real fight while you quiver and shake! so BOW DOWN! to the prince of the clowns! im a pyschotic mother, dont mess with me now

dodoria: im pink im heavy and im full of blubber, i may be ugly but im sweet as a nutter butter:-) ill knock you all down and out, ill hit you so hard youll be smellin like sour crout! thats right foo, im #1! ill beat you down and cook you well done! their aint no denyin that im the best, so step up to the bar if your up for the test! im beatin, your bleedin, and weepin, and feedin, the feul to my fire, you think im bluffin? im no liar! just remember this little piece of advice, dont hold back and dont be nice>:o thats the motto that gave me my success, it should do you know wrong, maybe one day youll be the best (haha, yeah right) when im feelin evil im takin out your family! say goodbye to your mommy, yo brotha, yo daddy! ill be huntin em down, your nephews! yo nieces! next comes you...Rest. In. Pieces.

Goten: its the G-O-T-E- to the N, foo! call me Goten, got more game then scooby dooby doo! speakin of doobies, im gonna smoke one! lets have a count down here: 3-2-1! BOOM. Its my time to shine! I may be small but ill bounce off the walls, Im a psycho bitch ready to break ya neck! tuck your dick in between your legs and run like heck! im comin for you, you gonna die! KAMEHAMEHA! let ´em rip, watch the body parts fly!

Gohan: MASENKO-HA! is all you hear! im steady choppin heads off, bitin off your ear! Mike Tyson style, ready to rumble! Step back dumbass, your in trouble! Im the Mystical Saiyan! Powerful! Unstoppable! Watch me rock you, up and down this block! Ill rough you up, fuck you up, knock you down, knock you out! What makes you think your so tough? You cant even beat a power puff! When I get my hands on you, aint a fricken thing you can do! Imma slit your throat and piss in your ear! Time is up bitch, the end is near.

Nail: What up fool? Im just a tool. I look like a cricket, i aint cool! im green like throw up, and thats insane! dont eat at all, only drink champaign! Ill fly with you if you can get me to the boarder, the gurus after me for what i did to his daughter, i did it like this, i did it like that, i did it with a wiffle ball bat SOOOOOOOO nails on the run, i cant have no fun, the Namekian Dragon Porunga´s gonna school ya some. Porunga: Ticky ticky ticky tock tock! I got 2 balls and a humongous cock! Namekian Dragon, thats my occupation! Grantin them wishes, all the while masterbatin! See im a bad ass, tight mofo! Lemme flex these muscles they aint just fo sho´, ill kick ya ass if it comes right down to it, then seems everyones afraid to do it

Guru: I am guru, hear me rawr! Im an old fart, i cant fit out the door! im chubby as a mofo, cut me some slack! i carry most of the fat in the back! i got junk in my trunk, im a mean old snitch! come here son, ill slap you like a bitch! go cry to your momma, you big old baby! pretty soon youll be cryin ´oh guru, please save me!´ I foresee a great evil, to come apon our planet! gonna fuck us all up..GOD DAMNIT!

pilaf: im short and im blue, who are you? Im emperor pilaf, i tell you what to do! prepare to taste iron skillet whore, ill punch you in the face and throw your skanky ass out the door! i am pilaf, i get respect! all 7 dragonballs is what i expect, and if you screw up it wont be pretty, ill through you in the dungeon to get raped by Betty

Oolong: Im a dirty little pig, i love silk panties! Doin Puar up the ass in the back of the pantry, me and Roshi two birds of a feather, we flock together! We love magazines, and women, and high class ho´s! When we get to the strip joint, everybody knows, our name, so what? we get into the groove, we love lap dances and lesbians bustin moves!

king cold: mmm cell, you taste so goody! stick that tail in my booty! you sexy hunk of man beast now heres a surprise! ill let you suck my dick until the sun rise, ill tell you what since your my ace, all grab your tight ass and rub it in my faceR>

mr satan: my names mr satan, american faggots call me hercule..mighty megaton punch, itll hurt you! prepare to bow, im the master of you now! champ of the world you better beleive it, mess with me you might just get deleted! erased from the hard drive, ready to bail! you didnt even last 3 minutes and you have already failed! simply put, i am the best! let me show you my rock hard chest! im a manly man, im better than you! rich and famous, i know karate too! Im no chicken, ill take anyone on! But when I see those people usin ´special effects´ im gone! i wont waste my time! ill be bidin! No, I AINT HIDIN! I AINT SCARED!! I may shift a nervous glance but im not hearing impaired! i heard what you said! you think i sucked? lets step in the ring, prepare to be fucked

bra: im daddys girl, bitch thats right! lets step outside, you wanna fight? hold my bags, hold my shoes, ill just have to go psycho ass on you! RA! RA! SHISH BOOM BA! taste the wrath, im the best! what i have in strength i lack in chest

Buu: I´am buu, so whatcha gonna do? When My crew is coming for you? My power has no limit, I ll fight a saiyan, but forget it, there too weak no real challange I´d rather fight frieza, he´s so fuckin strong, the fight will last long, Both of use giving it are all, I´d changr forms and so would he, I´d beat his ass and he´d come for me, We´d fight and we´d fight, All into the night, But in the end I´d be the winner, and send him to the sinner where his body will burn, and never forget the name, when he says who´ the name who haunt him forever, BUU

Cell: I´am pefections, I got the andriods so forget the subtraction, I have the power of many faces, I killed many people in differnt places, I held a tourny to prove my power, hour after hour I oliminated foes, The didnt even know, first was Goku, I showed him my mighty power, After the fight he began to cower, Up next was Gohan his pathetic son, We fought in the morning and into the sun, the battle raged on and he bagin to tire, I killed an andriod and he became a rage of fire, His hair grew taller and his eyes more a horror, I tried to fight back but to no avail, He kicked my ass and my cell jr´s too, I became so pissed I started to scream, and became a ball of energy ready to cleam, 10 seconds left until I blew, Gohan´s face became a dark blue, scared for his life and his family, Goku steped up for a grandfanaily risked his life to save his loved one, I came back better then ever, fired a blast killed a saiyan, vegeta got pissed and gave it his all, but like always he took the fall, i wanted to end it and shwo the world my true power so I cuped my wrist and for the final hour yelled Ka me ha me ha thus did Gohan, We gave it are all and I yelled I´AM CELL I DO NOT LOSE, a minute later I was in hell

Vegeta: I came to this worthless planet to become the best, I got in a fight, and lost like the rest, But I did not quit and I didnt not forfiet, I gave it my all and never gave in the call, even though the odds would seem hopeless, I though of bulma and regained my focus, When it seemed like my time was coming to and end, Goku let out a hand and said I will always have a friend. So no matter what happen to me in time, I will rewind to the past and reflect to the times, that I was the best, just like the rest

Vegeta: I´m the saiyan prince and you know this, My planet was destroyed by frieza so imma roll him. It took me a while to turn super saiyan, But least I did so quit playin´ I have always been stronger then kakaorot But seems he forgot, When I turned majin I showed him saiyan pride, He said we we´re even but looks like he lied, I tired and I tired to be the best, but in every right, goku is the hero and wins the fight

Krillin: Even though im small and weak as hell, I got a hot wife That I will not sell, I like in hell and there is cell, Goku wasen´t even able to win the fight, So in my eyes, I got the right, to fuck his wife all night

Frieza:On this planet there was a terrible rumble, All the saiyans knew that they were in trouble Out from the darkness came an awesome sight, a monster so strong and body all white, he Had some purple on his head, Fired a blast 30 saiyans dead! Then they fled, Trying to run, trying to hide, All showed fear all started to cry, They knew there time was up and gone, they knew they had a minute left. Raisen his finger and started to laugh, the sayians were gone forgettin there past, Nothing left nowhere to go, The planet was gone, and frieza lived on

Nappa: I´m vegetas partner but im weak as hell, my power level is 4000 as u can tell, When we came to this half ass place, Proving our saiyan race, we beat up a bunch of humans and made them die, Then came kakarot and made me cry, He beat my ass, proved im a low level class, I turn my back, Vegeta gets pissed and smack, Blew me to peices and that was the end

Krillin: Shine my head for a nickel even tho i aint going to pay yo, I got my babys momma Named 18, Goku be trippin Dissing how we can Have fun in teh bedroom.., I let it go and once more my daughter Marron Be making Boys jaw drop, Then i stop them by Throwing destructo disk Going...chop! Slice in half Making the z warriors A little bit more powerful....My name is Krillen making heads turn when i be walkin, you see me stalking hot girl Named 18 Thats all In this freestyle I was makin,.

Bulma: Im just a hot Bueitiful genius, I like Vegeta and his pen**..., I invent Everything You can dream of, Floatin <A TITLE=´Click for more ...

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