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db,dbz,dbgt seriju sarasai :)

...Seriju sarasai

Db || Dbz || DbGT

Dragon ball seriju sarashas

1. Bloomer and Songoku.
2. Oh My, Oh My! No Balls!
3. The Turtle Elder´s Candy Cloud.
4. The Kidnapping Goblin, Oolong.
5. The Great Yamcha of the Desert.
6. The Midnight Visitors.
7. The Bull Demon Lord of Mount Frying Pan.
8. The Turtle Elder´s Kamehameha.
9. The Boss Rabbit´s Special Talent.
10. The Dragon Balls are Stolen.
11. The Dragon Finally Appears.
12. The Wish to Shenlon.
13. Goku´s Great Transformation.
14. Goku´s Rival Appears!
15. The Amazing Girl , Lunch.
16. Lesson 1. The Search for a Rock.
17. Risking One´s Life to Deliver Milk.
18. The Turtle School´s Tough Training.
19. The World Championship Martial Arts Tournament Begins.
20. Will the Power of Training Emerge?
21. Kuririn is Endangered!
22. Yamcha vs. Jackie Chung!
23. The Terrifying Giran Appears!
24. Kuririn´s Valiant Stand.
25. Win Goku! Beware the Diving ´X´ Attack!
26. It´s the Final Match! Kamehameha!
27. Goku is in a Pinch!
28. A Head-On Collision! Power vs. Power!
29. Another Adventure! The Wandering Lake.
30. Pilaf and the Mystery Militia.
31. Egad!!! A Goku Imposter!
32. The Disappearing Fortress.
33. The Legend of the Dragon.
34. The Fanatic Red Ribbon.
35. Girl of the North, Snow.
36. The Terror of Muscle Tower.
37. The Purple Ninja Appears!
38. Danger! The Alter Eigo Technique.
39. The Mysterious Cyborg Number 8.
40. What will you do, Goku? It´s a Monster Blob.
41. The End of Muscle Tower.
42 You´re in Danger, Eightie!
43. To the City in the West and Bloomer´s House.
44. Lots of Danger for Goku and His Friends.
45. Beware! The Airborne Trap.
46. Bloomer´s Big Mistake.
47. The Turtle House is Discovered!
48. Commander Blue Launches His Attack!
49. Miss Lunch is in Danger!
50. The Pirate´s Trap.
51. The Guardian Robot.
52. The Treasure is Discovered!
53. Blue Blazing Eyes.
54. Flee, Flee! The Great Escape.
55. Pursued to the Penguin Village.
56. Arare Gets on the Cloud.
57. Arare vs. Blue!
58. Karin, the Holy Place.
59. Taopaipai, the World´s #1 Hit Man!
60. Kamehameha vs. Dodonpa.
61. Lord Karin of Karinto Tower.
62. The Effects of the Holy Water...?
63. Songoku´s Revenge!
64. The Last of Taopaipai.
65. Goku Goes on the Offensive!
66. The Red Ribbon´s Desperate Defense.
67. Red Leader is Dead!
68. The Last Dragon Ball!
69. The Cute Fortune Teller.
70. The Five Fighters.
71. The Desperate Battle.
72. Goku and the Demon´s Toilet.
73. The Demon´s Beam.
74. The Mysterious 5th Fighter.
75. Formidable Foes Clash!
76. The Identity of the Masked Man...?
77. Pilaf´s Second Attempt.
78. Shenlon Appears Once More.
79. The Man-Eating Gourd.
80. Goku vs. Tenlon.
81. Goku Visits the Spirit World.
82. Inoshikacho, the Monster.
83. To the World Championship Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!
84. Battle to be the Best!
85. Preliminary Round Survival.
86. The 8 Finalists.
87. Yamcha vs. Ten Shin Han.
88. Go Yamcha! Ten Shin Han the Formidable Foe.
89. Terror! Hatred of the Full Moon.
90. Oh My! It´s the Dodonpa!
91. Kuririn´s Great Offensive.
92. Thanks for waiting! Here´s Goku!
93. An Even Match: Jackie Chung vs. Ten Shin Han.
94. Solar Power -- The New Crane School Technique.
95. A Great Fight! Goku vs. Kuririn.
96. Kuririn´s Great Attack.
97. The Final Match. Who is the Best in the World?
98. Battle Power.
99. Ten Shin Han´s Distress.
100. Live or Die! The Final Tactic.
101. The End of the Tournament! and...?
102. Kuririn´s Death. The Frightening Hatred.
103. The Terror of Demon Lord Piccolo.
104. Come Back to Life, Songoku!
105. Yajirobei, A Jolly Good Fellow.
106. Demonical Beast. The Coming of Tambarin.
107. Goku´s Fury Explodes.
108. Demon Lord Piccolo Lands.
109. Songoku vs. Demon Lord Piccolo.
110. Go Songoku!
111. The Turtle Elder´s Final Demon Incarcerator.
112. Will Demon Lord Piccolo Attain Youth?
113. King Castle´s Defenses.
114. Lord Karin´s Dilemma and Goku´s Request!
115. The Water of the Gods.
116. The Turtle Elder Lives!?
117. Songoku Reborn!
118. Ten Shin Han´s Resolution!!
119. Will the Legendary ´Demon Incarcerator´ Work?
120. Goku´s Fury at Full Power!
121. Songoku´s Ultimate Challenge.
122. The Final Attempt.
123. The Secret of the Magic Staff.
124. The Holy Temple in the Clouds.
125. God Appears.
126. Shenlon Returns.
127. Faster than Lightning.
128. Quiet as the Sky.
129. Goku, the Time Traveler.
130. Goku´s Opponent is ... Goku!?
131. Each on His Own Path.
132. Hotter than Magma.
133. Reunion Before the Storm.
134. The Stormy World Championship Martial Arts Tournament.
135. The Chosen Eight.
136. Taopaipai´s Counterattack.
137. Songoku´s Marriage.
138. The Mystery Man, Shen.
139. Goku vs. Ten Shin Han -- The Rematch.
140. True Strength.
141. Four Ten Shin Hans.
142. Who is Stronger? God vs. Demon Lord Piccolo.
143. With the Future of the World at Stake.
144. The Ultimate Kamehameha is Unleashed.
145. Demon Lord Piccolo´s Super Size Technique.
146. Songoku´s Trick.
147. All Comes to an End.
148. He did it! He´s the World´s Strongest Fighter.
149. A Wedding Dress in the Flames.
150. The Phantom Cassowary Bird.
151. Thanks to Chichi´s Pre-Marriage Training.
152. Hurry Goku! The Mystery of Mt. Gogyo.
153. Mt. Frying Pan Burns: A Life and Death Decision

Dbz seriju sarasas

Saiyan Saga
001. The Arrival of Radditz
002. The Worlds Strongest Team
003. Gohan´s Hidden Powers
004. Goku´s Unusual Journey
005. Gohan´s Metamorphosis
006. Gohan makes a Friend
007. Trouble on Arlia
008. Home for Infinite Losers
009. Princess Snake´s Hospitality
010. Escape from Piccolo
011. Showdown in the Past
012. The End of Snake Way
013. A Fight Againest Gravity... Catch Bubbles!
014. The Legend of the Saiyans
015. A Black Day for the Planet Earth
016. The Battle Begins... Goku where are you?
017. The Siabamen Attack
018. Nappa... The Invincible?
019. Tien goes all out!
020. Time´s Up!
021. The Return of Goku
022. Goku Strikes Back!
023. Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel
024. Vegeta... Saiyan Style
025. Stop Vegeta Now!!
026. The Battle Ends

Namek Saga 027. A New Goal Namek!
028. Journey to Namek
029. Friends or Foes?
030. Hunt for a Dragon Ball
031. Who´s Who?
032. Touchdown on Namek
033. Face Off on Namek
034. The Ruthless Freeza
035. The Nameks vs. Freeza
036. Escape from Dodoria
037. Secrets Revealed
038. A Collision Course
039. Stay Away from Freeza
040. Zarbon Transformed
041. The Eldest Namek
042. Get Vegeta!!
043. Vegeta Revived
044. A Heavy Burden
045. Immortality Denied
046. Big Trouble for Bulma
047. Scramble for the Dragon Balls

Ginyu Saga
048. Arrival of The Ginyu Force
049. Elite Fighters of The Universe... The Ginyu Force
050. Time Tricks and Body Binds
051. No Refuge from Recoome
052. Enter Goku
053. Goku... Super Saiyan?
054. Ginyu Assualt
055. Incredible Force!
056. Frieza Approaches
057. Goku is Ginyu & Ginyu is Goku
058. Calling the Eternal Dragon
059. Gohan defeat your Dad!!
060. Captain Ginyu the Frog?

Freeza Saga
061. Password is Porunga
062. Piccolo´s Return
063. The Fusion
064. Fighting Power: One Million??
065a Picolo The Super Namek
065b Gohan Attacks
066. Deja vu
067. Freeza´s Second Transformation
068. Another Transformation?
069. Dende´s Demise
070. The Renewed Goku
071. The End of Vegeta
072. The Ultimate Battle
073. Clash of the Super Powers
074. Freeza´s Boast
075. Bold and Fearless
076. Embodiment of Fire
077. Trump Card
078. Keep the Chance Alive
079. Power of the Spirit
080. Transformed at Last
081. Explosion of Anger
082. Namek´s Destruction
083. A final Attack
084. Approaching Destruction
085. Gohan Returns
086. The Last Wish
087. Dual on a Vanishing Planet
088. Pathos of Freeza
089. Freeza Defeated!!
090. Mighty Blast of Rage
091. Namek´s Explosion: Goku´s End?
092. Goku´s Alive!!

Garlic Jr. Saga
093. The Heavens
094. Black Fog of Terror
095. Battle in Kami´s Lookout
096. Fight with Piccolo
097. Call for Restoration
098. Suidical Course
099. Extreme Measures
100. The World Awakens
101. Brief Chance for Victory
102. Krillin´s Proposal

Trunks Saga
103. Frieza´s Counterattack
104. The Mysterious Youth
105. Another Super Saiyan
106. Welcome Back Goku
107. Mystery Revealed
108. Goku´s Special Technique
109. Z Warriors Prepare
110. Goku´s Ordeal

Android Saga
111. The Androids Appear
112. A Handy Trick
113. Double Trouble for Goku
114. Upgrade to Super Saiyan
115. The Secret of Dr. Gero
116. More Androids?!
117. Follow Dr. Gero
118. Nightmare Comes True
119. Goku´s Assassin
120. Deadly Beauty
121. No Match for The Androids
122. Last Ditch Effort
123. Closing In
124. Unwelcomed Discovery

Imperfect Cell Saga
125. Seized with Fear
126. The Reunion
127. Borrowed Powers
128. His Name is Cell
129. Piccolo´s Folly
130. Laboratory Basement
131. Our Hero Awakens
132. Time Chamber
133. The Monster is Coming
134. He´s Here
135. Up to Piccolo
136. Silent Warrior
137. Say ...

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